A Stress Test for the Global Economy

The fiscal policies of the current US Administration, with its America-first drivers, have deviated from previous Administration’s policies, and provide a stress test to the global economy, according to a recent Bloomberg News article.

Dangers Beneath the Surface
On the surface the news looks good. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook is forecasting global growth of about 4% for the next two years. The Bloomberg article, however, suggests that the positive outlook may be misleading. Risks are increasing beneath the surface, it says, and some of these dangers are being created right here in the USA.
These risks include:
Continued Loose Monetary Policy
• Continued Loose Monetary Policy
Unprecedented US Debt
• Unprecedented US Debt
Excessive Fiscal Stimulus via the Recent Tax Cuts
• Excessive Fiscal Stimulus via the Recent Tax Cuts
Trade War Saber Rattling
• Trade War Saber Rattling

Monetary policy remains very loose in the US, Europe and in other parts of the world. Global economies, however, have already picked up. Balancing interest-rate rises will stress growth going forward. In the US particularly, recent congressional passing of a major tax cut may excessively stimulate the American economy. Also, as an unpleasant backdrop, the US nation debt continues to shoot up.

Presidents Trump’s aggressive posture regarding trade deals is a critical mix in the overall equation. The threat of trade wars is real, and if realized, could quickly impact the economies of the globe. Only time will tell how these concerns will play out.

Brazil Wants Free Trade

Although the economy of Brazil isn’t the greatest in the world – quite literally – it’s still significant, considering that the nation is so large, but more importantly because it is home to more people than any other country on planet Earth, with the exceptions of China, India, the United States, and Thailand.

According to Eduardo Guardia, the finance chief of the nation of Brazil, the nation is against protectionism, or policies in countries that keep their own goods for themselves, rather than trading them throughout the globalized world at large.

Mr. Guardi said in an interview with CNBC, “Brazil wants to become a more open economy,” which roughly translated, in terms of practicality, that the nation’s financial leaders, including all those within the ranks of Brazil, that the nation wants to import more goods and from outside of its orders, as well as export raw materials, commodities, and other indirect sources of economic activity poured back into Brazil, rather than kept within its own barriers.

Such sharing cam about at the International Money Fund Spring Meetings in 2018, which was held in none other than the great ol’ United States, in its capital city of Washington, D.C.

Despite the fact that the economy of Brazil will certainly reap the benefits of the trade war that’s going on between the United States and China, as both of the countries will go to Brazil for business, the nation is clear about its thinking that free trade is the way to go in terms of economic success.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Soars

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the nation of Japan has had an interesting approach. In fact, it is purported that the original creator of Bitcoin, an individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto, was Japanese. However, no one really knows whether or not this is actually true. What we do know for a fact is that Japan has its own cryptocurrency. Known as Monacoin, this cryptocurrency was actually started as a joke. In fact, the founder, a person called Mr. Watanabe, wanted Monacoin to operate as a type of game currency. But the Japanese people had other things in mind.


Boasting a cat emoji for its logo, Monacoin was started back on January 1, 2014. With users and developers adding their input, this crypto has become much more advanced than it originally was. With one Monacoin equal to approximately $3.74 at this point, Japan appears to be priming its infrastructure for this crypto to stick around. In fact, some people are even pushing to use Monacoin to buy real estate—and the markets are listening. Some brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online outlets, have also started to accept Monacoin. Additionally, a Twitter users have set up a tipping system that allows them to send Monacoin to others.


After the collapse of Mt. Gox, the Japanese people craved a cryptocurrency that could be seen as more stable and secure—and they have found this in Monacoin.

HCR Wealth Advisors Providing Tips to Parents on How to Make Children More Financially Aware

Building a financial strategy for a safe and secure financial future is not an easy task, but with the help of a registered financial advisory firm like HCR Wealth Advisors it is very much possible. The financial and investment professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can help people with planning their financial future after carefully assessing their income and expenses. Different economic parameters need to be considered when planning economic future, which most of the people don’t believe. However, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors work to ensure that they do not miss anything and take every aspect of your financial life into consideration before helping you to plan your financial future.

HCR Wealth Advisors wrote about several tips on how to educate the next generation by ensuring that they are responsible with the money they make through the little household chores given by the parents. HCR Wealth Advisors believe that if parents continue to give money to their kids without making them feel accountable for it, it may encourage create a dangerous mindset that money may come for free rather than earned. It is essential that the children are given their pocket money for the work they do and to be disciplined. It not only helps them become responsible but also makes it easier for them to understand the real value of money and the pain that the parents go through to earn it every single day.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles that offers advice and a variety of financial strategies to help its clients build their investment portfolio.  The company, in a recently written article, discussed the importance of parents educating their children about money and finances from a young age. The company shared in the article several methods that parents should consider to help their children learn the basics of investing. Parents should teach the habit of saving money from the very beginning as it is what would help them follow the same principles when they grow up. Saving is a matter of practice, and it becomes easier when such a method is taught from a young age.

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Trade Secretary Mnuchin Hopes To Resolve Potential Trade War ASAP

If you’re not already sure of what trade deficits are, or are simply always down for a quick refresher of information, an example of a trade deficit is as follows:

If the United States ships out $10 worth of goods to China, and China ships $12 to the U.S., the former country is in a trade deficit of $2, whereas China would have a trade surplus of $2. Neither country owes one another anything – trade deficits simply indicate how much economic output a country is responsible for.

The United States has a huge trade deficit with none other than the world’s most populated country, China, which is one reason why President Donald Trump hit goods coming from the country into the United States with excessive tariffs, collectively covering more than one thousand individual products.

According to Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of the United States Treasury, he believes that trade tensions could soon resolve between the United States of America, China, and any other countries that currently are owed money in terms of trade deficit.

Such remarks by Mr. Mnuchin come just shortly after meeting with some of the highest-ranking, most popular leaders that have to deal with trade in between countries, all of which hailed from China, Japan, and various countries throughout the world.

According to historical analysis, the current trade war that China and the United States are effectively already entered into is the largest since since World War II, with each imposing trade barriers to the rune of $50 billion each.

Increasing World Debt Led by US and China

Wednesday’s report by the International Monetary Fund stressed the risks of record global borrowing level, pointing to China and the United States as the biggest culprits of taking on too much debt. The growing deficits put the entire world economy as well as individual countries at risk of collapse and unable to deal with financial vulnerabilities or setbacks. Experts point to December’s US tax bill as a large contributor to the debt. The tax cuts will force deficit spending to over $1 trillion over the next three years, boosting US debt well over 100 percent by the year 2023. These staggering numbers account for the US status as being the only economically advanced country in the world not expected to see declining debt-to-GDP levels over the next five years.

As another guilty party, China is responsible for bringing total world debt levels to a record $164 trillion by 2016. This staggering number explains 43 percent of the global rise in debt since 2007. China is also seeing increasing borrowing by their local governments, with the debt in this sector expected to reach 90 percent of the country’s GDP by 2023. Although Chinese financial officials are making efforts to contain the spiralling debt, there still remains a cloud of uncertainty over whether the efforts will be successful in reversing the deficit.

Increasing debt levels leave countries vulnerable to the whims of investors and erratic stock markets. These debts can also hinder growth and development in at-risk countries.

Jim Toner: Encouraging the Public to Invest in Real Estate

Amazon.com revealed one of their best sellers this year, and it was a book authored by Jim Toner. The book, with the title “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder”, has already sold thousands of copies, according to the online retail giant. According to Jim Toner, the book that he wrote talks about a lot of tips and tricks on how to become a successful investor in the industry of real estate and property development. It was his dream to see Americans become financially independent, and it served as one of his inspirations in writing the book. Jim Toner added that he felt bad knowing that a lot of Americans depend on credit, and only a few had the chance to free themselves from debt. He wanted most of the people to experience living a debt-free life, and it was the reason why he ended up writing a book for potential investors in the first place.

In the book, Jim Toner explained that there would be an increase in the number of properties developed around the world, especially in the developed and the newly-developed states. There will also be a huge demand for properties since the population keeps on increasing. In Asia alone, he pointed out that a lot of supertall skyscrapers and other similar developments are being constructed. He is also seeing the same thing happening in the Americas, as the population keeps on increasing and a demand for a new structure to live in or to work in goes up. Jim Toner is also using his skills and expertise as a public speaker and a radio talk show host to express his thoughts about investing in the real estate and property development industry.

Since he released his book, he was surprised that thousands of people are sending him a positive message about how his book helped them during their worst financial struggles. It was an honor for him to serve the public by sharing the information that he knew and seeing them succeed is another bonus. As a practical speaker, Jim Toner has a positive reputation all across the country as an efficient speaker. There are also reports that some of his core fans and supporters are spending from $2000 to $15000 on plane tickets and hotel reservations, following him wherever he goes. Jim Toner stated that he felt flattered especially to those who keep on showing him their support. He also claimed that he would continue going around the country to show the people how important it is to take a short moment and invest some of their money to the industry that keeps on growing and expanding.

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Will bitcoin ever be a safe investment or is it always a gamble?

The Holy Grail of the investor is the so-called “safe investment.” This is the hidden gem that keeps the emotions of an investor consistently positive while maintaining a consistent rate of return. Oh yes – this investment must also require absolutely no research into its underlying company.

Even the best investors in the world are still looking for this kind of investment. The only people who seem to get close are professionals like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, and they spend all day researching the companies they choose. As a matter of fact, they have other full-time employees researching those companies as well.

Any investor who is looking for a safe investment should simply hold money in a savings account. There is a downside to this kind of investment – it does not outpace inflation. Anything with a potential for profit also brings with it some amount of risk. Here are just a few of the “safe investments” of today and how they really weren’t all that safe before they became famous and overwhelmingly profitable.

• Amazon, which recently earned the title of “world’s biggest retailer,” spent 10 years losing profits. Around 2010, story after story listed it as an eventual failure and wondered why people kept pouring money into it. Today, Amazon is considered one of the safest investments you can make.

• Facebook was considered a no-brainer when it had its IPO a few years ago. People who thought they could only benefit from it bought heavy during the first day of public trading. In the first week after that day, Facebook lost almost 50% of its value. Although it has more than made up for that now, the people who thought that it was safe to get in quickly suffered a huge loss.

• Walmart was considered one of the safest investments of the past century – a giant that could never be taken down. Many people based their entire retirement portfolios on Walmart stock. However, the advent of digital retailing has caused Walmart to look a bit shaky. People who invested too much in the company are now losing money.

When you look at the performance of the world’s biggest and most successful companies, you cannot always classify it as safe. Ergo, bitcoin will probably never be a completely safe investment, either. The real question that you should be asking is if bitcoin is a good investment. Good investments have a totally different feature set from safe investments, and many of those features depend on your active participation in the market.

Economic Groups Criticize Trump’s World Economic Policy

President Trump has initiated what may become a trade war with China, and Business Insider has an interesting article on its website about how Trump’s recent world economic policy moves are being criticized by several major world trade organizations. The article details how the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the Federal Reserve feel that a trade war may not be in the best interests of the global community generally and even the United States specifically.

Essentially, the groups are indicating that, despite Trump’s assurances to Americans via Twitter that trade wars are easy to win, this is rarely the case and that he should be very careful about what he is doing. Trump’s initial plan is to impose tariffs on imported Chinese steel and aluminum. While economists feel that these specific tariffs will have little effect, they could lead to more tariffs as a trade war escalates and this will hurt everyone.

In any event, any major world economic policy change by the Trump administration is likely to have a vast ripple effect, and, due to the complexity of global economics, it’s very difficult to predict exactly what it will be. However, Trump has shown in the past that he’s willing act on his own instincts even when they run contrary to the advice of experts, so he may simply ignore what these economic groups are saying and continue to take the United States down the road of protectionism.

Britain Needs Free Trade Deal But May Not Get It

As Brexit negotiations continue, it is not certain yet if the United Kingdom can secure a free trade deal with the European Union. It is rather clear that British financial services firms will get hit if there’s no deal. The financial sector is quite important to the British economy. But, it is not the only one.

According to BBC News, Britain’s food and drinks industry will face a disaster without a free trade with the EU. And it is the biggest manufacturing sector, which also employs 400,000 people.

The transition after Brexit is expected to last until the end of 2020. Without the trade deal, UK’s exports are going to decline after 2020, while consumers will end up paying higher prices.

The UK wants to be another Singapore, but the country isn’t located in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. It is near Europe (not in Europe as some Brexiters say) and 50 percent of its exports go to Europe.

By separating itself, the UK wants to do business with the whole world as it did during its heyday. But, Britain is no longer a superpower and it doesn’t control an empire.

True, seeking business abroad is always a good idea. But will other countries want to open their borders to the British businesses? The United States, for example, are becoming protectionist, while Australia is far away, and Canada is a rather small country when it comes to its population.