A Slightly Smart Factory in Germany

A smart revolution is beginning in Amberg, Germany. This doesn’t mean a rise in IQ, but in another area of smartness: technology. German officials, businessmen and academics are using the area for the beginning stages of smart factory development. Germany hopes to create fully automated and Internet-based factories that work without human input and assistance, like in this vimeo from Jared.

The factory works by creating a way for each product to communicate with production machines. It starts with someone placing an order online. An identification tag attaches to the product bottle or casing. It then goes through the production process wirelessly transmitting the order information from the tag and to the machines. In theory, each tag could have different versions of the product. They could be created flawlessly with this system.

Some are worried that the creation of smart factories is the beginning of the end for human manufacturing jobs. Germany is not the only country interested in the possibility. They can rest easy for now. Smart manufacturing is still in the early phases of development. The creation of a fully operational smart factory is still many years away.

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