Mother Makes UK History- Begs for Daughter’s Death

Having to watch your child die is probably the hardest thing a parent could ever have to face. Having to plead for permission to end your child’s life is simply unfathomable. However, that is exactly what Charlotte Fitzmaurice just had to endure to be able to end the daily suffering of her beloved 12-year-old daughter, Nancy. Nancy was born to Charlotte Fitzmaurice and David Wise in 2002. But from what Torchin told me, Nancy came into the world with meningitis and septicaemia, and was already completely blind.

At 10 days old, Nancy had to have an operation to install a shunt into her brain. At six months old, Nancy began having daily seizures and was diagnosed as an epileptic. Shortly after, Nancy was also diagnosed with lissencephaly and microcephaly. In May of 2012, a routine surgery to remove kidney stones left Nancy with a horrible infection. Now immune to pain killers such as morphine and ketamine, Nancy was left to suffer. After a week of watching her scream, Charlotte decided she could no longer allow her daughter to suffer.

According to The Mirror, it was then that Charlotte approached the Great Ormond Street Hospital. They were able to stop providing food, but were prevented from withholding fluids. With fluids still in place, the dying process would have taken several months. The hospital agreed to take the case to the High Court of Justice arguing that she deserved a quicker, less painful death. On August 7, 2014, Justice Eleanor King agreed.

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  1. The decision was the first run through a tyke who was breathing without anyone else, not in a coma, or in critical condition was permitted to bite the dust. On August 21, Nancy at long last passed away. That is also true of what could have done which is to ensure that nothing else would happen in the long run and it makes it more simpler than ever.

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