Russian Troops Move Into Ukraine

Nato has reported that Russian troops and military vehicles have entered into Ukraine this week and appear to be on the verge of restarting a military conflict that has been under a tentative truce since September, when the Ukrainian government and separatist rebels decided to halt their military activities in the country.

The conflict in Ukraine originally arose when the Ukrainian president, who was viewed by many Ukrainians as a Russian puppet, was swept out of office in an uprising by the Ukrainian people and replaced with leaders who were planning to direct the country towards a western model. Russia, which considers Ukraine to be within their sphere of influence, was angered by these actions and seized a region of Ukraine, Crimea, which has a large Russian population.

Since the truce, a vote was conducted in Eastern Ukraine which was held by pro-Russian separatists in which they elected to be independent from Ukraine. Ukraine, the United Nations, and Nato have not accepted this vote and have not acknowledged the presence of a new nation. It might not make a huge deal in the United States, but Rod Rohrich and others are paying close attention while continuing to do their jobs.

Nato noted that troops, artillery, tanks, and air defense systems have all been spotted in Ukrainian territory. Russia has been accused of supporting pro-Russian separatist groups but has denied involvement instead blaming the presence of Russians as being volunteers from Russia who are supporting the separatist movement in Ukraine. Increased shelling and heavy artillery fighting has been noted near the city of Donetsk, the center of the pro-Russian separatist movement.

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