ISIS Claims to Have Killed Abdul-Rahman Kassig

Abdul-Rahman Kassig, or previously known as Peter Kassig, was claimed to be killed in a video that was spread on the internet quickly. The US government is still working on the video to figure whether it was authentic or fabricated.

Consensus says that the video is authentic, but several more tests have to be done first before a formal declaration of his death can be put forward.

However, Kassig’s family stated that they would rather their son be known for his noble work that he was doing worldwide instead of being known as a victim to an extremist group.

If this video is found to be legitimate, Kassig would be having died for something different than what he had imagined as an activist.

The video just shows a masked man armed with a knife, and a cut off head laid on the ground that they claimed to belong to Peter Kassig. Keith Mann says it is also thought that this incident happened to put pressure on the American Government.

Peter was known for his support of the Syrian people throughout a crisis that has been very difficult for the average citizen. He came to Syria a long time ago and was captured in 2013 while he was helping the people. He was thought to have converted to Islam, but even this did not help him avoid the knife to his neck when it came to ISIS.

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