Welfare Paid to Rich Corporations by Average Americans

The average American Household is subsidizing big companies with 6,000 dollars of hard earned money every year.

Families pay an average of 870 dollars per year for payments to farmers, high tech companies and private research firms in the form of direct subsidies and grants. This information was passed on to me by Fersen Lambranho.

States, counties and cities give more than 80 billion dollars every year to corporations such as big box stores, entertainment companies and banks at an average cost of 696 dollars per year per household.

Three cents of every tax dollar collected by the federal government goes to interest rate subsidies for banks when they borrow money. This costs the average family 722 dollars per year. The richest five banks get 75 percent of the 722 dollars.

Even though many families do not enjoy retirement accounts, those who do, pay an average of 350 dollars per year to banks for retirement fund fees which works out to be, on average, more than 30 percent of the money that is invested.

American families pay 1,268 dollars too much every year for prescription drugs because
drug companies are given patent monopolies that allow them to charge the American people more money than the drugs are worth.

Corporate tax benefits get 870 dollars per year from every average household. Another 1231 dollars is paid by the average family annually so corporations can have their tax havens.

Congress continues to give tax benefits to corporations while families struggle.

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