Customers Scamming Wal-Mart using Fake Amazon Deals

With Wal-Mart’s price match promo, a lot of customers are misusing it to get a $400 worth PlayStation 4 consoles for just a quarter of its retail price. They used third party sellers online like Amazon.

On November 13, Wal-Mart announced that it will price match some selected online retailers, which include Amazon. Wal-Mart’s policy for online price match says that they are committed to providing the lowest prices every day and on everything to its customers. Also, it states that if a customer finds an item online, which is identical and in-stock at any of its store branches, with a lower price, they will match it.

Apparently, this policy has been abused by some customers. Customers who are Amazon members can register for a selling account and create an authentic looking page with items listed as “for sale” online. Some customers just take a screenshot of the page from and show to Wal-Mart’s cashier at checkout to request for the price match. It appears that few Wal-Mart employees have verified if the online deal is legitimate or not as numerous customers were able to buy gaming systems for $90 or lower.

According to the Consumerist, the scam seems to start when Sears accidentally listed some Nintendo consoles on its website for only $60. Several members of Reddit and Twitter communities have posted a copy of their receipts, showing that Wal-Mart had accepted the said fraud Amazon listings. Big thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for sharing this story.

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