London’s Burlington Arcade Expands

Mayfair is a district of London, and is a commercial district for exclusive shopping and has wide range of five star hotels and restaurants.

The Burlington House is a famous building situated in Piccadilly in London. The Burlington Arcade is a covered shopping centre built next to the Burlington House. It has smart uniform shop fronts under a glazed roof.

The arcade is known for many things, but perhaps is best known for providing a wide range of clothing, accessory shops, footwear, jewellery and antique jewellery. Burlington Arcade was used as a location in films and dramas such as The Parent Trap, The Veiled Lady and Borgen. This arcade is said to have existed for 195 years from what Jared Haftel had said.

Burlington Arcade was started with seventy-two small two storey units. Gradually some of them are combined and currently there are forty shops. In 2010, the Burlington Arcade was bought for £104 million by US property group Thor Equities and Meyer Bergman.

The latest news about this arcade is that it is going to expand with five new Chanel stores. They are going to set a change to the arcade with unique collection of stores for swimwear, watches, perfume, cashmere and millinery.

The shops for cashmere and millinery will be opened this month, and another three followed suit. London is a busy area where people can find big brands in big locations, and small brands in small locations.

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