Your Brain May Keep You Addicted to Cigarettes

All this time you thought you were hopelessly addicted to cigarettes. Your body screamed for another puff day and night. But research has discovered it might not be your body screaming for another hit of nicotine, but your brain. Your brain holds the key that opened the door for nicotine addiction and it also holds the key that will enable you to quit smoking once and for all.
The neuron found near the center of the brain make the feel-good hormone called dopamine. Until recently it was thought to be this type of neurons only ability, but new research has discovered that these neurons are also activated during times of stress to alert the body it’s time for a hit of nicotine. This study is really interesting, even for non-smokers such as Susan McGalla to read through.
The dual role of producing both pleasure and pain that these brain-central neurons play may help scientists discover a new way of helping smokers kick the habit while also explaining how people become addicted to certain substances like nicotine to begin with.
Studies are underway on mice and rodents to discover how nicotine effects these centralized brain neurons in an attempt to free those bound by nicotine and hopefully one day to create a smoke-free society.

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