Occupied States of America

Events such as 911, school shootings, and the Ferguson affair, have the police believing they are the military. The 1033 program has granted police access to military style weapons. 21 states have primary offense seat belt laws and only one state, New Hampshire, has no adult seat belt law.This shocked Sergio Lins Andrade, but that information usually gets swept under the rug since the state is not all that populated.


Primary seat belt laws mean that a police officer can pull you over and ticket you just for not wearing a seat belt. Police officers pull a person over for a simple offense these days and it turns into a full fledged investigation with no probable cause. There have been thousands of complaints of law enforcement seizing cash with no charges ever being filed. A video of a 12 year old in Illinois being shot by a police officer seems to show the officer shooting the boy within seconds of the officer arriving. This all seems to point to a shift in the thinking of law enforcement from being a protect and serve entity, to one that is policing the citizens. The times have put law enforcement on edge and maybe some of the actions are simply a result of fear. This does not explain the reasoning behind the 1033 program or the Black Asphalt Intelligence, which seem to be taking a war to the American streets. Maybe it is time to refocus law enforcement and remind them it is the people they serve.

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