Ebola Reaches India

Ray Lane observes that containment of the Ebola virus is still lacking as new cases have been spotted around the world. This time, the virus has popped upon in India with new victims.

New cases of Ebola have been recently identified in Southern Asia. In New Delhi on November 18th, authorities discovered that a 26-year-old man who landed back home after a trip to Liberia displayed Ebola symptoms. He tested positive. Another case registered in Rajastan is also a suspected case of Ebola.

The infected Indian who returned from the travel reached home on November 10th, after being in a health facility abroad as a suspected Ebola patient. He returned with a certificate issued by the Liberian health officials, which claimed that their former patient was healthy. 

The tests were conducted on body fluids at the National Centre for Disease Control and at the National Institute of Virology, and the decision to keep him in quarantine has been taken. At least three weeks of isolation are planned for him by the Health Ministry. 

The health officials contend that it is risky to let him go, since the virus can continue to be positive in body fluids like urine and semen for a long time. Ignoring the precaution procedures in India can lead to a very fast spread of the disease, especially given that the dense population and sanitary conditions are far from the best.

Scary for Perry

A federal judge in Texas refused to throw out charges against Rick Perry on technicalities involved in the case. A Texas grand jury indicted Perry on abuse of official power and also on coercion of a public servant. Perry who has been king of Texas for more than a decade decided to use his office to deny an official the budget that she needed to properly manage her office. Perry did this in response to this official being arrested for DWI and also opposing his will. Her arrest appeared on video and Perry used this for an excuse to break the law in getting her to relinquish her role in government. Rick suggested that he asked nicely and when she rebuked him, he decided to find the creative methods for her ouster.

Rick adamantly stands by his controversial veto of her budget and insists it was within his authority. However, a prosecutor and subsequent grand jury disagrees with Perry very vehemently. This attempt to get the charges dropped due to technicalities suggests that Perry has decided that he is in enough trouble to try using procedural tricks to protect his very precious hide. Rick has also been taking advice from former Texas congressman Ken Lay. Lay was convicted for his underhanded dealings in Texas redistricting matters. Just how much of his advice Perry will be listening to is not known, but because Lay was actually convicted, this should mean that Perry will at least use different attorneys. Thanks to friend of the site Andrew Heiberger for sharing this news story from Texas.

Massive New York Snowstorm Leaves Five Dead

Upstate New York got hit with a massive snowfall, particularly in Buffalo and surrounding areas. Some places got as much as 76 inches or just over 6 feet of snow. Other places across the county got hit with snowfall in this early cold winter, but Northwestern New York was the hardest hit so far.

None of the five deaths in the region occurred in Buffalo. Instead they were all in surrounding counties. One man was trapped under 12 to 15 feet of snow surrounding his car. One person died due to a car crash, and the other three deaths were because of heart attacks while shoveling snow.

In addition to the deaths over 100 people were trapped for hours, waiting for rescue crews and snow plows. The Niagra University women’s basketball team were stuck for more than 24 hours. (Thanks to reader Susan McGalla for sending in that tip!) The vast majority of the people who were stuck in their cars or on the highway were found and rescued.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency and urged people to stay off the roads. In addtion to the lost and stranded residents, accidents, and five deaths, over 9,000 people were without power due to the storm. Fire, ambulance, power crews and other emergency workers have been working diligently during the storm to restore power, rescue stranded people and restore the roads to normal.

Corporations Pay More to CEOs than Taxes

With the current climate of outrage based on inequality and the widening wealth gap, many people are angry over a recent finding. The study showed that seven of the 30 largest corporations in the United States paid more money to their CEOs than in income taxes. These seven companies with a reported income over $74 billion in pre-tax profits made an additional $1.9 billion than they owed in taxes. Simultaneously, the CEOs were paid an average of $17.3 million. The study was carried out by two Washington think tanks to illustrate and study the effects of the current American tax system and how large corporations are finding ways to use loopholes. I agree with Sam Tabar when he says this is ridiculous.
During the previous presidential election, Democratic candidates speaking on the economy have pronounced the adaptation of the tax code as one of the highlights to improve the budget. No action has yet been taken, allowing the highest earning companies to pay the least in taxes while smaller businesses amount to a large portion of the government’s income.
The seven corporations studied included Boeing Co, Ford Motor Co, Citigroup, Verizon, Chevron, General Motors and JP Morgan Chase. Many corporations report state and federal taxes together, while others boast high rates of global taxes if they pay in multiple countries around the world. A recent G20 summit meeting addressed the issue of corporations dodging taxes by setting headquarters and performing operations in favorable tax nations. So far, these corporations have found ways to remain in the United States and reduce their tax payments to nearly nothing.

USA Freedom Act Failed By Two Votes

The USA Freedom act did not get the 60 votes it needed to be opened up for debate on the Senate floor. Senator Patrick Leahy said he was disappointed by the 58 to 42 vote by the Senate Tuesday night but he was not giving up. The bill that could have put limits on the National Security Agency’s ability to invade the privacy of innocent people failed to get enough votes during the lame-duck Congressional session with some senators voicing their opinion. Senator Rand Paul voted against the bill because it would have add a two-year extension to the Patriot Act. Brad Reifler said Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said that the wrong time to reform NSA is while fighting against ISIS. He also said that there is a balance between civil liberties and keeping our nation safe that the bill would upset. Failing by such a narrow margin, Leahy and the bill’s co-sponsors, Republican Senators Ted Cruz from Texas and Make Lee of Utah, may just be one more Congressional session from success.

The Ku Klux Klan vs. Anonymous

The white supremacist group known as the Ku Klux Klan declared that they’d be coming to Ferguson to “protect white citizens” from black protestors. The vigilante hacker group known as Anonymous responded to this by publicly outing members of the KKK for the world to see. Apparently the KKK hasn’t gotten the message.

Anonymous has taken KKK websites offline and hacked their twitter accounts. Yes, the Ku Klux Klan is on twitter. Or, they were, anyway. The KKK started up another twitter account, only to have it hacked immediately as well. When the KKK were able to get one of their sites up and running, they begged for donations to cover the costs of the hack. Then Anonymous shut them down again.

Despite this cyber-pummeling, the KKK began spreading flyers near Ferguson threatening “lethal force” against Ferguson protestors. This is among the reasons that Governor Nixon declared a state of emergency and has brought in the National Guard.

Things got even uglier. An “Imperial Wizard” of the KKK told the Daily News that he thoughts that Anonymous was “…a bunch of kids in their mom’s basement whacking off”. Anonymous responded by outing his identity to the world. He is a police officer. One thing people like Keith Mann have learned is to not mess with Anonymous unless they want to risk exposure.

Anonymous outed a few more cops as members of the KKK as well. It is stunning to believe that in this day and age, actual klansmen are part of the police force. This will do nothing to ease tensions in Ferguson and the fact that Wilson’s most vehement defenders are racists doesn’t paint a nice picture of the police, either.

Lieberman Brags About Israeli Settlements

Israel has not been particularly popular in the public eye as of late, and a big part of this is because of their disdainful attitude.

Recent times are no exception, as the Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman stated that the building of settlements in Jerusalem would never stop, those settlements will be Jews only, and will not include any Muslims in them.

This statement comes when the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered new settlements to be built in eastern Jerusalem, an act that takes place in lands that are agreed upon by all parties to be Palestinian.

However, Lieberman continued that he refuses to call building in the Jewish neighbourhood to be settling action as these are known to be Jewish lands even if the international community refuses to do so.

The new settlements number is ordered to reach 1,060 residential units for the Jews at a time when Israelis continue to confiscate more and more lands of what is left for the Palestinians.

To use the same logic though, the Palestinians should be permitted to build in more lands than they are segregated to not only this includes the lands in the 1967 lands but also in the lands that were originally Palestinian before 1948.

This comes in the times the international law defines east Jerusalem and West Bank as occupied Palestinian territories that the Israelis should stop violating. It is a news story Jared Haftel will be following very closely.

String of Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria

Nigeria has been the epicenter of suicide bombings during the fall of 2014.

The most recent one took place on Sunday, November 16th. Darius Fisher had told us at least 12 innocent people were killed after a female suicidal bomber detonated her bombs at a cellphone market in Azare.

The Nigerians witnessed another suicidal attack at a bank on November 7th, and an explosion at a bus station on October 22. The responsibility is attributed to Boko Haram, an Islamic group which has occupied two towns and spread through the country’s northeast part.

This group is most notorious for the kidnapping of a large group of schoolchildren, a devastating tragedy that has yet to be satisfactorily resolved yet. The reasons behind these kidnappings are unknown, but some think that it has to do with a backlash against Western-style education.

The head of the female terrorist was severed by the blast and found by a crowd of boys who set it on fire. The exact number of victims is not counted yet. Some witnesses say they saw 12 bodies, others counted 20. The officials have not yet issued the information that they have regarding this incident.

The name of Boko Haram is translated as “Western civilization is sinful”, and had earlier attacked schools. The recent locations, however, are proof that they are extending the area of activity, which makes it harder for the security forces to predict future attempts.

“Crazy Eddie” Fraudster Talks White Collar Crime

It is not every day that someone who committed a white collar crime is invited to a conference to talk about it, but that is exactly what is happening right now. The man known in the 80s as “Crazy Eddie” pulled a huge investment fraud which left many with nothing left in their investment accounts and a profound sense of shame that they let themselves and their families down.

Cliffview Pilot talks about how this conference has come to be and the importance of it in the long run. It says that those in attendance will benefit greatly from this talk and that they may even learn a thing or two about how to protect their investment portfolios from those who might want to steal them like Crazy Eddie did. QNet anti-fraud lectures will also be presented.

It is almost humorous to hear Crazy Eddie say that he wishes that he had been a white collar criminal now rather than back in the day when he was. He says that now is the golden age of white collar crime and that people are simply not being put into jail for committing these types of crimes. He may be making a good point there. There were no arrests after all following the economic collapse of 2008-2009. It was certainly an interesting talk and an interesting conference in general. Crazy Eddie may have marketed himself as crazy, but he was anything but when it came to pulling a scam.

Abe Puts His Own “Abenomics” to the Electoral Test

After recent news of Japan’s slipping back into recession, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he will call for new elections by the end of the week to see if voters still approve of his economic policies.

Abe said that he needed to hear the voice of the people and that he would step down from power should his party fail to win the new elections this December. He also said that it would not do any good to raise the sales tax rate as planned since revenue would not increase anyway without a recovered economy. Certainly, Prime Minister Abe seems an honest man who is also (unlike many politicians) ready to respond to the people’s wishes.

On the other hand, Mr. Abe’s economic policies do not seem to have worked. He pushed for “easy money” and heavy spending by the state. It sounds like he bought into the “stimulus” idea so often foisted upon us poor Americans by our own politicians. The idea is that the government can somehow tax the people and then spend the money in strategic ways that will boost the economy. It may sound good on the surface, but governments will always be a burden on the economy more than they can stimulate it through spending due to the costs of running the bureaucracy. This is what many people from The Antique Wine Company thinks is going on. In the end, the people are better able to spend their own money in ways that stimulate the economy and have no need of central government planners to do it for them.