Your Brain May Keep You Addicted to Cigarettes

All this time you thought you were hopelessly addicted to cigarettes. Your body screamed for another puff day and night. But research has discovered it might not be your body screaming for another hit of nicotine, but your brain. Your brain holds the key that opened the door for nicotine addiction and it also holds the key that will enable you to quit smoking once and for all.
The neuron found near the center of the brain make the feel-good hormone called dopamine. Until recently it was thought to be this type of neurons only ability, but new research has discovered that these neurons are also activated during times of stress to alert the body it’s time for a hit of nicotine. This study is really interesting, even for non-smokers such as Susan McGalla to read through.
The dual role of producing both pleasure and pain that these brain-central neurons play may help scientists discover a new way of helping smokers kick the habit while also explaining how people become addicted to certain substances like nicotine to begin with.
Studies are underway on mice and rodents to discover how nicotine effects these centralized brain neurons in an attempt to free those bound by nicotine and hopefully one day to create a smoke-free society.

Customers Scamming Wal-Mart using Fake Amazon Deals

With Wal-Mart’s price match promo, a lot of customers are misusing it to get a $400 worth PlayStation 4 consoles for just a quarter of its retail price. They used third party sellers online like Amazon.

On November 13, Wal-Mart announced that it will price match some selected online retailers, which include Amazon. Wal-Mart’s policy for online price match says that they are committed to providing the lowest prices every day and on everything to its customers. Also, it states that if a customer finds an item online, which is identical and in-stock at any of its store branches, with a lower price, they will match it.

Apparently, this policy has been abused by some customers. Customers who are Amazon members can register for a selling account and create an authentic looking page with items listed as “for sale” online. Some customers just take a screenshot of the page from and show to Wal-Mart’s cashier at checkout to request for the price match. It appears that few Wal-Mart employees have verified if the online deal is legitimate or not as numerous customers were able to buy gaming systems for $90 or lower.

According to the Consumerist, the scam seems to start when Sears accidentally listed some Nintendo consoles on its website for only $60. Several members of Reddit and Twitter communities have posted a copy of their receipts, showing that Wal-Mart had accepted the said fraud Amazon listings. Big thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for sharing this story.

Nancy Pelosi to Lead Democrats Once More

For as low as the approval rating of congress, it might be expected that some change in leadership is in the air in Washington. However, it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case at the moment. Last week saw Republicans in the Senate vote unanimously to keep Mitch McConnell as their leader, before doing the same with John Boehner in the House of Representatives last Thursday.


On Tuesday, Democrats also voted to keep their leader in the House as Nancy Pelosi coasted to victory unopposed in a leadership vote. While Pelosi may be returning as the Democrats leader in the house for a seventh term, it does not necessarily mean that all is well in her caucus. There is no getting around that the beginning of the month was a disaster for Democrats, and while they never stood much of a chance of regaining a majority in the House, the midterm elections have been widely acknowledged as a rejection of Democratic policy. This has been discussed more than a few times in the offices at CipherCloud the last few weeks.


Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge spoke out in light of Tuesday’s vote to vent some of the frustration noting that she believed that leadership “worked hard” but that something was “lacking because we lost so many seats”.