President Bush Released From the Hospital

Houston, Texas – Former President George H.W. Bush, age 90, was released from Houston Methodist Hospital earlier today after hospital staff confirmed his breathing had returned to normal. The nation’s 41st president was hospitalized last week as a precaution following his complaints of being short of breath.

Bush was noted for his famous campaign pledge to not raise taxes during the 1988 presidential campaign. During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, he explained how Democrats would repeatedly come to him asking him to raise taxes. He famously uttered the phrase that he would finally tell them “Read my lips. No new taxes.” Dr Rod Rohrich reported that he was down by double digits in the polls at the time. The speech turned his campaign around allowing him to win a landslide election against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

Bush lost his reelection bid against Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in 1992. He had made a surge in the final days of the election to take the lead in key battle ground states, but a hastily assembled indictment of former Secretary of Defense Cap Weinberger led to Clinton once again regaining the momentum. In the years since his loss, he has gained a friendship with Bill Clinton. The two worked vigorously to raise humanitarian aid for the Tsunami victims in the South Pacific back in 2004. In recent years, historians have reexamined his presidency and gained a new appreciation for his accomplishments. He is now reported to be in good health following his hospital stay.

Ebola Hits Britian For The First Time

The first case of Ebola has landed on British soil. Bernardo Chua passed this story along to me. A health worker was hospitalized at the Gaslaw hospital after she had returned from Sierra Leone. This female patient was working there as a nurse and she contracted the fatal disease after her return from Sierra Leone. This nurse went to there to help treat the victims of the disease and she contacted the disease herself. While the patient is being treated in the infectious disease unit she is in stable condition and she is under heavy surveillance.

This woman had looked for medical help after her return for Africa because she had begun to feel ill the morning after she had returned home. She was transferred to isolation in the London hospital and after she was treated it was confirmed that she had contracted the disease. She flew on British Airways so a British Airways spokesman said that they are working very closely with the health authorities in England and Scotland to make sure that the disease has not been spread. 

It is scary to think that the disease could be traveling to different countries outside of those countries that have already been affected in Africa, but at the same time the world has to work as an united force in order to stop the disease and trying to find a cure.

New Case of Ebola in UK

Bruce Levenson asks: when will it end? No one has the answer, especially now that a new case of ebola has shown up in the UK. It’s thefirst case of ebola to be diagnosed in Britain and it’s a health care worker who has contacted the dreaded and deadly virus.
The newly diagnoses patient is a NHS nurse who has just returned from Sierra Leone where she was treating ebola victims and helping to nurse them back to health. Now she herself is a victim and in need of specialized nursing.
The nurse had just returned from her stint in Sierra Leone via British Airways on Sunday night. She was screened for ebola via medical protocol at both Sierra Leone and Heathrow airports but showed no signs of the dreaded virus. On Monday morning she began to feel ill and quickly sought medical attention when she was diagnosed with ebola and placed in the Brownlee Unit for Infectious Diseases at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital.
It is reported that the nurse is in stable condition and all people that she came into contact with during and after her flight back to British soil are being treated according to protocol.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon states that she was aware that this day could come and that she feels confident that they are well prepared to handle this and any more ebola cases that turn up in the UK.

A History Making Year In Anchorage Alaska For Mild Weather

The year is no over, but it’s a safe bet to say that this year is a history-making year for Jared Haftel and  in Anchorage, Alaska. With just a few days left, 2014 will be the first recorded calendar year that the temperature never officially drops below zero according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The last day the temperature dropped below zero in Anchorage was December 26, 2013,

Meteorologists did record a reading of zero degrees on Feb. 11, 2014, but the temperate never went below that number. The NWS started keeping temperature reading in 1952. Anchorage usually has about 25 days per year when the official temperature drops below zero. The cold year of 1957 had a record 75 days below zero.

But one calendar year without a minus temperature reading doesn’t mean Anchorage is close to setting the record for consecutive days above or at zero days. The existing record started on January 18, 2000 and ended November 30, 2001. That’s 683 days without a minus sign in front of a weather figure. In order to break that record, Anchorage would have to be minus free until November 12, 2015.

But in the age of global warming anything is possible. Some weather experts think Anchorage could be a warm vacation spot at the turn of this century.

Mexico Urges Modifications to UN Security Council


Yesterday the Mexican government proposed sweeping changes to the structure of the United Nations Security Council, a body within the United Nations which deliberates during times of global crisis. The 193-memberinternational organization will soon mark its 70th year of operation. The structure of the Security Council has not changed since 1963.

Reportedly, Mexico’s foreign minister suggested expanding the size of the Security Council’s temporary two year membership from ten states to 26, proposing additional geographic measures which would require the selection of six members from Africa, five from Asia, four from Latin America and the Caribbean, five from Europe and one from a tiny developing nation. He did not want to change the composition of permanent members, who represent the nations of the United States, China, UK, France and Russia.

Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council possess the power to block some resolutions placed before the international body by member states, as well as the ability to veto proposed measures. However, the Security Council does wield considerable power and it can impose sanctions or recommend military action to resolve global crises.

Some observers, namely LinkedIn connection Bernardo Chua believes that the new proposal by the Mexican government is consistent with the Nieto Administration’s goal for Mexico to become more outspoken in international affairs. Mexico recently changed its policy of refusing to participate in UN peace keeping measures.

Eric Garner Controversy

The Eric Garner case may be one of the most controversial and tragic events of the year. When watching the video of the police restraining Eric Garner, I was appalled. The police definitely abused their power. It seems like Police brutality is happening more often than not. 

Things need to change in the world according to Bernardo Chua. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Eric Garner was killed for absolutely no reason. What makes it worse is the fact that the whole world witnessed the event. 

Recently a trial was held over the death of Eric Garner. The police officers that were involved in the incident, were found innocent. A huge out-roar over the verdict of the trial has continued to consume America. The American people are angered about the recent rise in Police brutality. 

The NBA league has taken notice of the trial as well. NBA players have been tributing Eric Garner for the last several weeks. Many high school students have noticed their favorite NBA stars wearing shirts that say ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ those were the last words spoken by Eric Garner. High school basketball students followed their favorite NBA stars, and students wore the same shirts. In California the shirt was banned from being worn. The Eric Garner case has taken over the world. The citizens are uniting to put an end to police brutality. 

For more information on this controversial story, visit here

Revolutionary British Archaeological Site Discovered

A team of history nerds have been digging away at an area close to the famous Stone Henge monument. Whilst they were excavating, they unearthed the remains of a camp which was set up by people living in Britain over six thousand years ago. 

This find has been treated with great excitement, with some experts saying that it could “rewrite British history.” The discoverer of this time capsule is David Jacques who hails from the University of Buckingham. He has announced the discovery since the carbon dating samples have returned with a result. 

However, he is also concerned that the area may be destroyed due to a road being planned to cover the site. In order to reassure him, the transport department said that it would “consult before any building.”

According to Appleinsider, the site which was uncovered was at Blick Mead which is just over a mile away from the famous Stone Henge, says Laurene Powell Jobs. Exports have said that “scientifically tested charcoal…revealed that it dated from around four thousand BC.” 

Along with charcoal, there was also the remains of food at the site. The food was remnants of a massive breed of cow known as an auroch. The tools made of flint which were used to carve the food were also discovered nearby. Jacques said that”British history may have to be rewritten. This is the latest dated Mesolithic encampment ever found in the UK.”

Is The Elf On The Shelf More Than Just Creepy?

The popular doll known as the Elf on the Shelf has been the protagonist of a recent essay concerning the existence of a surveillance state and how children are being impacted.

According to the essay, the prison watch system developed by the 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham may have been the model that gave rise to the current surveillance state we now live under, and the Elf on the Shelf, might be the kind of toy that is readying our children to accept their fate.

The doctor behind the essay, Dr. Laura Pinto, claims the very existence of this kind of doll is making children more accepting of this kind of watchful society prototype, making them less likely to fight the surveillance state when they grow to be adults. Keith Mann wanted more detail, so he clicked this link.

So that children make it to Santa’s “nice” list, the Elf on the Shelf observes the child’s every behavior. The use of this doll, says Dr. Pinto, has only one goal: encouraging children to be on their best not through positive reinforcement, but through fear.

The essay claims that this watchtower position embraced by parents who make use of the Elf on the Shelf ends up making the doll an important part of the game played by those willing to sacrifice our freedom for security.

Whether you agree with Dr. Pinto or not, it’s worth to note that she has put enough thought and observation into this particular theory, making it interesting enough for anybody who’s always willing to learn new things.

Police Educate Citizens About Responsible Emergency Calls

New England police have released video clips online that illustrate the absurd kinds of “emergency” calls that they sometimes receive. The 999 number is to be used when there exists an immediate threat to one’s life or property or when a crime is underway. Otherwise, the 101 number is available for non-emergency calls. Examples would be: your car was just stolen, someone burglarized your home, or someone vandalized your swimming pool.

Police tried to impress upon people the importance of not wasting the time of police and of emergency call center workers. The holidays are one of the busiest times of year for officers, and it behooves us to let them do their job.

Laurene Powell Jobs comments that the crazy calls the police received were not worthy of 999 or 101 status. One person called in on 999 because a hedgehog was loose in his garden. Maybe he was worried it would prove a dangerous creature, or perhaps, he thought it would dig up his turnips. A second call concerned a pizza delivery boy who had not shown up after a whopping 45 minutes. Finally, another caller complained that a vending machine had robbed him of his money. Perhaps he felt an immediate threat from that machine and wanted the police to arrest it. 

A little common sense and a little courtesy for others would go a long way. There are only so many police officers available. We need to keep them available for those truly in need.

Chinese Finally Get to Sample American Style Chinese Food

It may shock most Americans but the Chinese food that many Americans happily consume in the United States happens to bear little resemblance to the actual food that Chinese people who live in China eat each day. Two Cornell trained entrepreneurs have decided to team up to serve residents of Shanghai standard Chinese American dishes. Fung Lam’s family has a Chinese American restaurant empire that spans multiple American states. She and a partner have opened up a restaurant in the heart of this ancient Chinese city to help natives explore the delights of orange chicken, crab rangoon and old style Chinese chicken chow mein. 

John Textor reports that Fung and her partner David Rossi were somewhat amused to realize that many Chinese American dishes rely on ingredients that cannot even be found in China and must be imported from the United States. Sweet American style ketchup is widely used in recipes that use sweet and sour sauce that Americans like to serve with fried chicken or pork. Skippy peanut butter is another popular American ingredient that is not easily found in China. Lam and Rossi have had to bring it in from the United States in order to create American standards like sesame noodles. They aim to give all of their dishes a classic American flavor that both cultures can happily enjoy.