Jared Haftel is an Up and Coming Investment Banking Analyst

Cultivating a career requires hard work and dedication regardless of what field you enter. Jared Haftel is a good example of this statement. He grew up with a mind for business and as his education and experience increased, Jared moved onto a fast track to success.

This Duke University alumni graduated in 2009 with Bachelors degrees in three disciplines; Mathematics, Science as well as Economics,. This multidisciplinary education is exactly what was necessary to get him noticed in the banking analyst world, which is known for its cut throat style of reception to new investor candidates. During his years at this prestigious four year university, Jared also enjoyed music on his down time. He also wrote music reviews for a school publication while studying for his degrees.

The first company to hire him was Global Industrials Group of Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for commodity analysis of a variety of products and fields including metals, mining, aerospace and defense. He was also able to capture several high profile clients during his employment with the company. Following this employment opportunity, Jared Haftel moved on to another well known and respected banking mogul, Bank of America, where he was an investment banking analyst. There, Jared was able to grow is experience and business contacts so that he could become a larger force in the banking and investment field. Jared moved on to Vector Capital in 2011 after two years with Bank of America. At Vector, he served as an associate investor working with a highly experienced and visible team of analysts.

Currently, Jared Haftel has returned to school at Stanford School of Business where he is seeking a Masters in Business Administration. Once he completes this degree, which will be his fourth higher education degree, he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in investment banking.

Jared’s eye for detail, professional background and analytic education combine to make him a “keeper” for any company who is able to acquire him. His track record proves to be impressive in both education and business. His work ethic and determination are superb and are responsible for getting him ahead in his promising career. Not to mention the way that he pays success forward, always willing to help the person behind him learn what they can do to find success in their careers as well.

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