Chinese Finally Get to Sample American Style Chinese Food

It may shock most Americans but the Chinese food that many Americans happily consume in the United States happens to bear little resemblance to the actual food that Chinese people who live in China eat each day. Two¬†Cornell trained entrepreneurs have decided to team up to serve residents of Shanghai standard Chinese American dishes. Fung Lam’s family has a Chinese American restaurant empire that spans multiple American states. She and a partner have opened up a restaurant in the heart of this ancient Chinese city to help natives explore the delights of orange chicken, crab rangoon and old style Chinese chicken chow mein.¬†

John Textor reports that Fung and her partner David Rossi were somewhat amused to realize that many Chinese American dishes rely on ingredients that cannot even be found in China and must be imported from the United States. Sweet American style ketchup is widely used in recipes that use sweet and sour sauce that Americans like to serve with fried chicken or pork. Skippy peanut butter is another popular American ingredient that is not easily found in China. Lam and Rossi have had to bring it in from the United States in order to create American standards like sesame noodles. They aim to give all of their dishes a classic American flavor that both cultures can happily enjoy.

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