Revolutionary British Archaeological Site Discovered

A team of history nerds have been digging away at an area close to the famous Stone Henge monument. Whilst they were excavating, they unearthed the remains of a camp which was set up by people living in Britain over six thousand years ago. 

This find has been treated with great excitement, with some experts saying that it could “rewrite British history.” The discoverer of this time capsule is David Jacques who hails from the University of Buckingham. He has announced the discovery since the carbon dating samples have returned with a result. 

However, he is also concerned that the area may be destroyed due to a road being planned to cover the site. In order to reassure him, the transport department said that it would “consult before any building.”

According to Appleinsider, the site which was uncovered was at Blick Mead which is just over a mile away from the famous Stone Henge, says Laurene Powell Jobs. Exports have said that “scientifically tested charcoal…revealed that it dated from around four thousand BC.” 

Along with charcoal, there was also the remains of food at the site. The food was remnants of a massive breed of cow known as an auroch. The tools made of flint which were used to carve the food were also discovered nearby. Jacques said that”British history may have to be rewritten. This is the latest dated Mesolithic encampment ever found in the UK.”

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