Mexico Urges Modifications to UN Security Council


Yesterday the Mexican government proposed sweeping changes to the structure of the United Nations Security Council, a body within the United Nations which deliberates during times of global crisis. The 193-memberinternational organization will soon mark its 70th year of operation. The structure of the Security Council has not changed since 1963.

Reportedly, Mexico’s foreign minister suggested expanding the size of the Security Council’s temporary two year membership from ten states to 26, proposing additional geographic measures which would require the selection of six members from Africa, five from Asia, four from Latin America and the Caribbean, five from Europe and one from a tiny developing nation. He did not want to change the composition of permanent members, who represent the nations of the United States, China, UK, France and Russia.

Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council possess the power to block some resolutions placed before the international body by member states, as well as the ability to veto proposed measures. However, the Security Council does wield considerable power and it can impose sanctions or recommend military action to resolve global crises.

Some observers, namely LinkedIn connection Bernardo Chua believes that the new proposal by the Mexican government is consistent with the Nieto Administration’s goal for Mexico to become more outspoken in international affairs. Mexico recently changed its policy of refusing to participate in UN peace keeping measures.

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