President Bush Released From the Hospital

Houston, Texas – Former President George H.W. Bush, age 90, was released from Houston Methodist Hospital earlier today after hospital staff confirmed his breathing had returned to normal. The nation’s 41st president was hospitalized last week as a precaution following his complaints of being short of breath.

Bush was noted for his famous campaign pledge to not raise taxes during the 1988 presidential campaign. During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, he explained how Democrats would repeatedly come to him asking him to raise taxes. He famously uttered the phrase that he would finally tell them “Read my lips. No new taxes.” Dr Rod Rohrich reported that he was down by double digits in the polls at the time. The speech turned his campaign around allowing him to win a landslide election against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

Bush lost his reelection bid against Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in 1992. He had made a surge in the final days of the election to take the lead in key battle ground states, but a hastily assembled indictment of former Secretary of Defense Cap Weinberger led to Clinton once again regaining the momentum. In the years since his loss, he has gained a friendship with Bill Clinton. The two worked vigorously to raise humanitarian aid for the Tsunami victims in the South Pacific back in 2004. In recent years, historians have reexamined his presidency and gained a new appreciation for his accomplishments. He is now reported to be in good health following his hospital stay.

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