A History Making Year In Anchorage Alaska For Mild Weather

The year is no over, but it’s a safe bet to say that this year is a history-making year for Jared Haftel and  in Anchorage, Alaska. With just a few days left, 2014 will be the first recorded calendar year that the temperature never officially drops below zero according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The last day the temperature dropped below zero in Anchorage was December 26, 2013,

Meteorologists did record a reading of zero degrees on Feb. 11, 2014, but the temperate never went below that number. The NWS started keeping temperature reading in 1952. Anchorage usually has about 25 days per year when the official temperature drops below zero. The cold year of 1957 had a record 75 days below zero.

But one calendar year without a minus temperature reading doesn’t mean Anchorage is close to setting the record for consecutive days above or at zero days. The existing record started on January 18, 2000 and ended November 30, 2001. That’s 683 days without a minus sign in front of a weather figure. In order to break that record, Anchorage would have to be minus free until November 12, 2015.

But in the age of global warming anything is possible. Some weather experts think Anchorage could be a warm vacation spot at the turn of this century.

Mexico Urges Modifications to UN Security Council


Yesterday the Mexican government proposed sweeping changes to the structure of the United Nations Security Council, a body within the United Nations which deliberates during times of global crisis. The 193-memberinternational organization will soon mark its 70th year of operation. The structure of the Security Council has not changed since 1963.

Reportedly, Mexico’s foreign minister suggested expanding the size of the Security Council’s temporary two year membership from ten states to 26, proposing additional geographic measures which would require the selection of six members from Africa, five from Asia, four from Latin America and the Caribbean, five from Europe and one from a tiny developing nation. He did not want to change the composition of permanent members, who represent the nations of the United States, China, UK, France and Russia.

Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council possess the power to block some resolutions placed before the international body by member states, as well as the ability to veto proposed measures. However, the Security Council does wield considerable power and it can impose sanctions or recommend military action to resolve global crises.

Some observers, namely LinkedIn connection Bernardo Chua believes that the new proposal by the Mexican government is consistent with the Nieto Administration’s goal for Mexico to become more outspoken in international affairs. Mexico recently changed its policy of refusing to participate in UN peace keeping measures.

Eric Garner Controversy

The Eric Garner case may be one of the most controversial and tragic events of the year. When watching the video of the police restraining Eric Garner, I was appalled. The police definitely abused their power. It seems like Police brutality is happening more often than not. 

Things need to change in the world according to Bernardo Chua. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Eric Garner was killed for absolutely no reason. What makes it worse is the fact that the whole world witnessed the event. 

Recently a trial was held over the death of Eric Garner. The police officers that were involved in the incident, were found innocent. A huge out-roar over the verdict of the trial has continued to consume America. The American people are angered about the recent rise in Police brutality. 

The NBA league has taken notice of the trial as well. NBA players have been tributing Eric Garner for the last several weeks. Many high school students have noticed their favorite NBA stars wearing shirts that say ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ those were the last words spoken by Eric Garner. High school basketball students followed their favorite NBA stars, and students wore the same shirts. In California the shirt was banned from being worn. The Eric Garner case has taken over the world. The citizens are uniting to put an end to police brutality. 

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