Argo Floats Deployed During an Offshore Race

The skippers of the Barcelona World Race are involved by European oceanographers to deploy off the Argo continuously measuring temperature and salinity. For the first time in full race, skippers deploy floats collecting data on temperature and salinity up to 2,000 meters deep.

This is unprecedented, as the previous means of collecting data had been in relatively shallow waters. Marc Sparks believes that with this new technology, they will be far more capable of collecting the data that they will invariably need for the program.

The floats launched on the same day by the eight teams (Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam are one of them) in the un crowded waters of the Great South, a low area covered by the international Argo program.

With more than 3,700 profiling floats, the program launched in 2000, bringing together more than 30 countries, is the first global network of in situ ocean observing in real time.

Initiated by JCOMMOPS, the operational center of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, this partnership with ocean navigation Barcelona Foundation (FNOB) marks the beginning of a new cooperation between skippers and scientists.

Argo is an essential component of the global ocean observing system in place to monitor, understand and predict the role of the ocean on the climate of the planet.

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