Johnathan Veitch Has Made Occidental A Better Place To Learn

When Johnathan Veitch landed at Occidental College as their new president, he knew that he had many challenges facing him. He was looking at a school that was in a quarrel with the local community because of the expansion of the school. The local community leaders did not want their part of Los Angeles to become a college town. They wanted to be the community that was along side the school. They never wanted to be included in the school grounds, and Veitch has to make a change to keep everybody happy.

His New Plans

The new plans for Occidental were to become more modern. The school was a place where they had land, and they knew that they could grow their buildings up if they wanted to expand. They did not need to move into the rest of the community because they could make their buildings taller. The Occidental campus was going to become a modern campus that featured all the most beautiful parts of the college’s history while incorporating brand new buildings.

The campus became a place where students had enough resources and space to study, but the school did not start a battle with the people in the local community. Veitch is a consensus builder who was able to show everyone how they could get along. He came to the school at the right time, and he made it easy for the school to become more of what it wanted to be without making life difficult for the surrounding people.

Johnathan Veitch is a trailblazer who was able to get Occidental College into the next phase of its history. He was able to make life easier for the people around the college, and he still provided more space and resources for the students and faculty that make up that great school.

Currently he’s married, and even has three children of his own that are coming up on college age.

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