Mitt Romney States The Obvious

Mitt Romney has recently stated that the world is a mess. I tend to disagree with Romney on most things, but I do agree with his most recent statement. So it begs the question, what are we going to do about it? The world is in a mess, but can the average person really do anything about it?

The world has always been run by corporations, and this will never change. The entire globe is in the palms of the rich. Most people have heard about secret societies and other conspiracies, but will it ever can change? An average person has to worry about the cost of living. There is no time to think about global revolution. That’s why we vote for senators and representatives to handle our political representation. However, the people that we vote into office, are rarely the people that they pretend to be.

I don’t think that a working class citizen has any idea of what’s really going on in the world. Mitt Romney knows exactly what takes behind closed doors. He almost became president of the United States, and surely he has been privileged to classified information.

Igor Cornelsen believes that an ordinary person must live in their own world. There are things above our heads that we can never change. Mitt Romney can state the obvious, and he can fool many people into following him, but what the world needs is another John F. Kennedy.

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