Johnathan Veitch Has Made Occidental A Better Place To Learn

When Johnathan Veitch landed at Occidental College as their new president, he knew that he had many challenges facing him. He was looking at a school that was in a quarrel with the local community because of the expansion of the school. The local community leaders did not want their part of Los Angeles to become a college town. They wanted to be the community that was along side the school. They never wanted to be included in the school grounds, and Veitch has to make a change to keep everybody happy.

His New Plans

The new plans for Occidental were to become more modern. The school was a place where they had land, and they knew that they could grow their buildings up if they wanted to expand. They did not need to move into the rest of the community because they could make their buildings taller. The Occidental campus was going to become a modern campus that featured all the most beautiful parts of the college’s history while incorporating brand new buildings.

The campus became a place where students had enough resources and space to study, but the school did not start a battle with the people in the local community. Veitch is a consensus builder who was able to show everyone how they could get along. He came to the school at the right time, and he made it easy for the school to become more of what it wanted to be without making life difficult for the surrounding people.

Johnathan Veitch is a trailblazer who was able to get Occidental College into the next phase of its history. He was able to make life easier for the people around the college, and he still provided more space and resources for the students and faculty that make up that great school.

Currently he’s married, and even has three children of his own that are coming up on college age.

A Decade of Silence with Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most respected and successful businessmen in the World, with his unique perspective on life and business affected by his Hindu upbringing and the skills learned in his formative years and adult life. In a press release from PR Newswire the Executive Chairman of the QI Group details how he feels his book In The Sphere of Silence is more relevant than ever to the World and those who wish to successfully navigate and become a success in the modern World.

The book may be ten years old, but is provides a series of strategies and techniques designed to make sure each and every individual can cope with their lives and overcome the problems that can make it difficult to find a happy, tranquil life. Finding tranquility and happiness is an art form that Vijay Eswaran feels has been lost, particularly as the major global issues of over population and climate change make it difficult for many to be happy with their lot in life. Eswaran recommends using the ancient yoga technique of mouna, translated as silence, as a good way of making sure the pressures and stress of modern life can be coped with. The press release is available at PR Newswire and includes details of how silence can make it easier to detach oneself from the problems of modern life and become humble in everyday life.

Small Houses Making a Big Impact on Homelessness

We’ve seen “tiny houses” become quite the trend in clean and simple living, but maybe these miniature buildings can become the solution to much more. Along the Pacific coast of America, and in a few more states throughout, little villages of tiny homes are cropping up as communities for the homeless. 
Within the homeless mini-community, like this one, there is usually a shared public bathroom and kitchen area, while having individual micro houses to sleep in and call home. Many of them are run by the residents and backed by support from the surrounding city. They’ve become a place where those who are down on their luck can have a chance to clean up and have hope for a new start. There is usually a code to live by and service hours given by the residents to maintain the housing units and such. It gives the chance for those who are looking for a warm bed to show that they are willing to work toward a better life. In turn, it shows the homeless that there is hope and that there are people who care. Fersen Lambranho was thrilled about this news. Could this be the key that we’re looking for to ease the burden of those who are really trying to get back on their feet?

Argo Floats Deployed During an Offshore Race

The skippers of the Barcelona World Race are involved by European oceanographers to deploy off the Argo continuously measuring temperature and salinity. For the first time in full race, skippers deploy floats collecting data on temperature and salinity up to 2,000 meters deep.

This is unprecedented, as the previous means of collecting data had been in relatively shallow waters. Marc Sparks believes that with this new technology, they will be far more capable of collecting the data that they will invariably need for the program.

The floats launched on the same day by the eight teams (Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam are one of them) in the un crowded waters of the Great South, a low area covered by the international Argo program.

With more than 3,700 profiling floats, the program launched in 2000, bringing together more than 30 countries, is the first global network of in situ ocean observing in real time.

Initiated by JCOMMOPS, the operational center of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, this partnership with ocean navigation Barcelona Foundation (FNOB) marks the beginning of a new cooperation between skippers and scientists.

Argo is an essential component of the global ocean observing system in place to monitor, understand and predict the role of the ocean on the climate of the planet.

North American Spine: A Unique Approach To Back Care

The Doctors and care givers at North America Spine have a unique approach to back care. Their approach to care in actually considered conservative, but their conservative approach is making a lot of people pain free.

The first things that the caregivers at North America Spine do is meet with their patients and evaluate their problem. The patients are then educated to help them do not only understand what their problem is but so they can be involved in making the decision as to what the course of treatment will be. Each patient is given a treatment course that is individualized to their needs. It is recommended that patients try a variety of treatment options to relieve their pain before surgery is considered as an option.

When surgery is considered the last option or when needed to be used as a diagnostic tool, North American Spine uses their own specialized procedure called Accura Scope. The Accura Scope procedure is done by creating a small incision and a scope is inserted so the Doctors can easily see what is causing the problems. Once the problem is diagnosed, they can usually fix it right away. Most procedures take under an hour to complete.

There are many benefits to this procedure such as a rapid recovery, less pain. There is minimal damage to the vital parts of the spine, such as the muscles, bone. The structure of the disk is never manipulated. Another great benefit to the Accura Scope is that the Doctors have the capability of taking care of multiple problems during a single procedure which is much better for the patient. There is also less chance of the problem returning once the procedure is complete.

When these doctors say that they treat back and neck problems with a minimal invasive procedure, that is exactly what they do. The Accura Scope has an over 80 percent success rate and is able to treat a wide range of back alignments from herniated disk to foraminal stenosis.

Congressional Net Worth In The Billions

The total net worth of the entire Congress sits at an estimated $4.3 billion. This means that the median net worth of the entire Congress sits at just a little over one million dollars. That is 18 times the worth of the average American household. reports that Congress has continued to grow in their net worth while the average American household has seen decreases in their net worth.

The worst part is that the American people have seen massive decreases in the net worth that they have since 2003. It has gone done some 36% from 2003 to 2013. The only year that the net worth of the Congress dipped at all was in 2008 when the worst of the economic recession hit. However, they have since bounced back just fine and have had no problems gaining more and more money.

Many worry that the problem of a very rich Congress is that the Congress will not be nearly as representative as it should be. The Congress could have and should have been more representative if there were more people who were of more average incomes in the Congress. However, the system is not set up to work that way. It still puts the wealthiest of people in the seats of Congress year in and year out. It is important to keep this in mind and consider the ways in which the Congress could be a lot better structured for the people who vote. Some activists, like Dave and Brit Morin, have taken to facebook and other social media sites to pressure Congress into change. You can check out their site to see how you can help.

Keeping Your Assets Growing

BRL Trust is a trusted financial organization that has built a reputation for building wealth for its clients. In an increasingly diverse, complex and global world of business, BRL Trust is the company that stays on top of the money that you make so that you can focus on making more.

Here are a few of the ways in which BRL can supplement your wealth building efforts.

Asset Management

We stay on top of the full range of possibilities so that you can make portfolio choices based upon your personal preferences for risk and timeline. Our proprietary research team will bring you information, resources and advice that will help you to make the best decisions without having to pore through endless stacks of documents or spend your day on conference calls.


You will have your own financial administration team that you will be able to call by name. There is no such thing as generic service with us; we make sure that you always have the people on your team that you want at all times.

Imagine never having to worry about reaching your asset manager at time of emergency. Imagine never having to explain yourself more than once over the phone or being passed around to different extensions just to find an answer to question. This is the type of administration that we provide for all of our clients.

Innovative Fiduciary Services

There is no wealth building without innovative ideas. this is what BRL Trust is known for over anything else. Our sources within top companies in all industries guarantees that we will receive offers before anyone else for the best investment opportunities. We also keep our own records on all of these companies so that we are able to vet all offers before putting the hard earned money of our investors into anything.

Obama & Democrats Change Now Taking Credit for Domestic Oil Drilling They Opposed

Back in 2012, the GOP sought to boost domestic oil drilling by launching a campaign to whip public support for their domestic energy policy and overcome Democrat opposition in the Senate & White House. At the time, they coined the popular catch phrase “Drill, Baby, Drill”. President Obama responded with derision calling the campaign a gimmick as opposed to a policy. It was misleading because the GOP was always clear they favored domestic oil drilling and completion of the Keystone Pipeline XL.

Now, oil prices have tumbled from roughly $4 a gallon to $2.13 a gallon nationwide. This has allowed voters to save “$100 billion in fuel costs which they can use on a variety of other spending priorities” said Marc Sparks . In fact according to the Dallas Observer, President Obama recently urged voters to use their fuel savings to fund the purchase of a new car. Moreover, President Obama is now attempting to take credit for the lower fuel costs.

It is true that over the past six years, America has arguably become the world’s top producer of natural gas and petroleum. However, a closer look at where the natural resources are coming from reveal Obama has no claim on taking credit. For starters, he has not issued a single new license for oil drilling on federal lands. During his entire presidency, oil and gas production from federal lands has dropped by 6%. A drop in production cannot account for the boom in domestic oil & natural gas drilling. So where is America getting its domestic energy from? Private land use. This has accounted for a 61% increase in the supply of domestic fuel.

Andrew Heiberger Helps Revitalize Communities

Andrew Heiberger is interested in helping people change their communities for the better. He is also invested in people finding the best places for their families to live. Andrew serves as CEO of Buttonwood Development and he’s also currently running Town Residential, and he founded these companies so that he could meet the needs that he found in the New York area. Andrew knows that people need help finding the perfect place to live. Andrew also knows that communities need help with development. There are many chances to change a community for the better, and Andrew wants to help people with all these tasks.

Revitalizing Communities

When people want to make a change in their community, they can turn to Andrew and his team at Buttonwood Development. The team is able to create development plans that are going to make it easy for the community to turn old buildings into something new. Andrew also believes that empty lots should be turned into something beautiful, and he has plans to make sure that the areas that he develops are going to be changed in the most positive way possible.

There are many ways that communities can be changed for the better, and Andrew believes in helping people in any way he can. He puts his team on every job to make sure that they are creating beautiful spaces for people to live and work.

Buying New Homes

When people want to be in a brand new home, they cannot buy the first place that they find. Homeowners are never advised to purchase homes that only fit their price range. Andrew believes in helping people find a place to live that they will want to stay in for as long as possible. He believes in stable communities, and he believes in setting up communities that will remain predominantly stable for many decades to come.

Andrew’s work as the CEO of Buttonwood Development and Town Residential helps people change the way their view their lives and communities. He knows that he can change the way people live, but he needs partner in that dream. He wants to work with new home buyers who want to find the perfect home. However, he also wants to work with communities that are going to change the way they perceive their own backyards. His developments make the world a more beautiful place to live, and he hopes that each new development brings life back to tired communities.

The Future Belongs to Rick Grimes?

“The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Those are the cryptic words written on a map that lies on the ground. Images depicted in the artwork released for the upcoming new episodes in season 5 of The Walking Dead. The map rests in the foreground while the cast of characters are in the background. We do get a clear image of Rick Grimes and he looks towards you with an emotionless glare as he holds an assault rifle.

The world needs Rick Grimes? He has become an incredibly dangerous and violent character in recent episodes. Perhaps his descent started when he killed his best friend and then lost his wife. He, essentially, murdered a fellow cop in one of the earlier episodes of season 5. Wasn’t he talking to his wife on the phone when he believed she was calling from the afterlife a while back?

Rick Grimes really is a man on the edge according to what is being stated on He really plays a price for his growing disconnect and arrogance in the comics, and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez pays close attention to it all. The TV series is not the comic book, though. We are not sure where Rick’s crazy behavior is going to take him. It is doubtful the road he is following will lead him anywhere good.

Surviving in a bad situation requires everyone to have their head on straight. If Rick starts to lose it, look for a lot of clashes between him and other characters.