The Prime Minister of Hungary Pays an Official Visit to Poland


Today, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary visited Warsaw, where he entered into discussions with Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. The Polish leader described the discussions between the two governments as “honest and difficult.”

In recent months, Hungary has developed closer ties with Russia. Prime Minister Orban visited President Putin at the Kremlin in Moscow last year. On Tuesday, the Russian leader undertook a low key visit to Budapest to speak with Prime Minister Orban. During that meeting, Hungary and Russia signed a new commercial gas transaction stated Jaime Garcia Dias.

According to, the Russian President also visited a cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of Russian soldiers who died in Hungary fighting during World War II. His visit drew some criticism, because many of the Russian troops who helped suppress the Hungarian Uprising against the Communist regime a few years later (in 1956) were interned in the same section of the cemetery.

During the meeting between with Prime Minister Kopacz, Prime Minister Orban reportedly hoped to improve relations between Hungary and Poland, both nations which formerly belonged to the Communist Bloc during the Cold War, but which have become European Union allies in recent years.

The issue of the fighting in the Ukraine remained a sensitive subject. However, the Hungarian Prime Minister expressed support for a cease fire treaty which was signed last week in Minsk, Russia, although he declined to discuss Hungary’s ties with Russia during his visit.

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