DHS Running Out of Funding

The Department of Homeland Security came into existence after the attacks of 9/11 in order to bring many of the different security and investigative departments inside of the untied States under one branch (such as the FBI and CIA). However, if the Senate does not stop debating soon, the branch is going to be completely without money, which means border patrol professionals, boarder guards and others are going to be without pay, which means there really is no reason to show up for work, and this in turn is going to cause all sorts of problems in national security.

Right now, my friend, Ricardo Tosto, who is a politics expert, explained that basically Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a change in the direction of tactics in order to break a negotiation stalemate with the Democratic party in order to prevent the DHS from running out of money. There are different issues at bay with the current financial problems with the DHS, including the argument over immigration reform, which is going to see different financial attributes from the passing of the budget. In order to pass the Senate, it is necessary for 60 votes to be in favor of the bill. In the lasting voting, only 47 were in favor of it while 46 were against it. Should the President veto the bill, it would probably be next to impossible to garnish the 67 votes that are required to bypass any presidential veto that is used.

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