Debate about Fluoride in Drinking Water Continues in England

There is an article on The Telegraph Website about a scientific study done in England at the University of Kent which concludes that fluoride in drinking water in parts of England is causing weight gain and depression. The findings of the survey were denied by Public Health England, who has maintained for decades that fluoride in the drinking water is perfectly safe and key to fighting tooth decay.

The scientists for the University of Kent say that fluoride affects the thyroid gland in a negative way, and as a consequence people, like Dan Newlin, who drink water with high amounts of fluoride experience weight gain and become depressed in high numbers. In support of their findings, they compare incidences of weight gain and depression in areas of England where there are high amounts of fluoride in the drinking water to areas where the amounts are low.

This is a debate which has gone on for years both in the United States and England. Fluoride is added to the water in the first place since it helps keep bacteria from attacking tooth enamel.

In my opinion, the idea of the government putting anything in the drinking water – even if it is something that is good for them – is simply unsettling to people. Therefore, they look for evidence that fluoride is bad for them. I doubt that it is. Tooth decay is the larger evil.

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