Egypt President Wants Arab Coalition Against ISIS

The terrorist extremist group ISIS has been gaining power throughout the Middle East throughout the last year, and as attacks have become more blatant against citizens of individual nations through this region, talks of taking up arms against these terrorist has started to grow more and more by the day. When the group started to take control of regions throughout Iraq, Iraq request assistance form the United States. Zeca Oliveira ( knows, without the desire of placing troops on the ground, the US provided air strikes against ISIS targets and, while it has damaged an extensive amount of resources and taken out a large amount of ISIS rebels, the numbers seem to have swelled in support of the group. However, with the recent execution of Arab nationals from around the region, more and more Middle Eastern countries have seen the need to start up the defensive against the threat that is on their back door. Egypt’s President is one such individual.

Egypt’s President recently called out other Arab national to join forces in order to attack the terrorist group. The president has stated a unified Arab force is necessary to take out the group. Both Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have provided military help to Egypt.

While these attacks have been deadly, it may ultimately bring together a more unified Middle East, and with assistance from the United States and Great Britain, it may also improve relations with these countries as well.

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