After McConnell Capitulates on DHS Funding Bill, House to Become Key Battleground

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell capitulated to Senate Democrats by allowing a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security to proceed forward. The funding will ensure that President Obama has the budget to implement his immigration amnesty plan which he enacted without any congressional authorization. Critics charge that if the GOP passes a clean bill, the Federal Appeals courts will take funding of the amnesty plan as tacit congressional approval for the plan and lift the stay imposed on it by the Texas Federal District Court earlier this month.

However, it is uncertain if the House will accept the Senate clean DHS bill. Thus far, House Speaker John Boehner has insisted he will now allow the bill to receive a floor vote. If passage of a bill is not reached by Friday, the DHS will incur a government shutdown. Zeca Oliveira ( understands that the department employs nearly a quarter million people, but over 210,000 of them are designated as being exempt from furloughs due to government shutdowns. Organizations such as the border patrol, the US Coast Guard will continue to work through the shutdown should it occur.

The vote is considered a major voter pledge as the GOP vowed to defund the president’s plan to grant amnesty to at least 5 million illegal immigrations. However, Senate Conservatives feared a government shutdown and voted to fund the amnesty plan after all. If the House refuses to take up the Senate bill or otherwise re-attaches the rider defunding the amnesty plan, a short-term continuing resolution may be passed to fund the department at Fiscal Year 2014 levels for a short period of time.

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