Iraqi Armed Forces Launch Operation to Retake the City of Tikrit

The Iraqi armed forces have begun a campaign to retake the city of Tikrit. The city is currently under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria better known as ISIS. The city is famous for being the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, the former military dictator of Iraq. Hussein was captured by US forces and executed in December of 2006.

The push to retake Tikrit is believed to be part of a much broader campaign to recapture territory in Northern Iraq. Much of Northern Iraq is currently under the control of ISIS. Tikrit lies in a strategic position, and is a gateway to Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul. If the Iraqis can capture Tikrit, Mosul would be the next logical target of operations.

Iraqi forces have not been able to retake Tikrit from the hands of ISIS in their campaign so far. However they have captured a nearby oil refinery town called Beijji. US led airstrikes played a major rule in the Iraqi’s retaking Tikrit from the Islamic State stated Anastasia Date users living in the area.

Iraqi State TV had released statements saying that the city of Tirkit is currently besieged in several directions by the Iraqi military. Artillery bombardment and air strikes by Iraqi forces have managed to drive many ISIS fighters from the outer fringes of Tikrit. Also assisting the Iraqi army were thousands of Sunni and Shia militiamen. Up to 4,500 militiamen from the region are estimated to have taken the fight to ISIS in what could be a major factor in the retaking of Tikrit.

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