Drones Patrolling the Med for Migrants‏

The growing migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea coming from Africa is really devastating. Especially when you consider these poor people are desperately trying to get to a better life for themselves and their families. But one millionaire and his family, as reported in an article on reddit.com, took approximately half of his personal assets to set up a non-profit organization dedicated to helping these migrants. He purchased a large boat, prepped with with medical and food supplies, and invested in some drones to fly over the waters between the coast of Africa and the Italian island, Lampedusa.

What moved this man to create this organization? While on a cruise with his family near Lampedusa, they saw a jacket floating in the waters. This was near the time a boat with 3000 African migrants capsized and everyone was lost. And with that, as well as with the vastly growing numbers of migrants fleeing Africa, and the numbers of deaths also associated with these attempts at a better life, he felt he had no choice but to try to help them.

Truly an admirable effort the investors in the service thought. He has already saved thousands. Hopefully he continues to get donations and support to help many more in their quest for freedom and happiness.

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