The Dorchester Collection and Employee Engagement

In today’s business environment, companies are made and unmade by their ability to hold on to their workforce. Training the workforce is important because every company needs efficient employees. However, employee engagement is even more important than trained employees because if a company doesn’t master this concept, all the training and hard work would be a waste. The Dorchester Collection has displayed this better than any other company and division out there, especially in the hotel industry where dissatisfied employees are common.

Only recently, the Dorchester Collection was awarded at the Employee Engagement Awards and won the “Company of the Year” title. This award is used for celebrating and lauding the best businesses in Ireland and UK. Companies that are nominated in this award ceremony have extremely high standards of internal communication, engaged and fulfilling work environment, and innovative ideas to keep their employees on their toes. The judging panel is extremely experienced in EEA and the reason that the Dorchester Collection bagged the award is because it was simply the best amongst all the nominees.

In order for a company to promote employee engagement, the first step is to understand that performance and engagement need to be linked to each other. A company where the employees are happy and satisfied but not performing up to their true potential would not succeed in the industry.

Next tip is to only hire managers who are leaders to their core. No matter how engaged employees are, if the managers are bad bosses, employee dissatisfaction would eventually creep in. The mark of a true manager is a healthy blend of feedback, critical analysis, and motivation. A manager should trust the employees and offer valuable insight when possible. Employees would look up to such a manager and not feel like they are being monitored 24×7. The Dorchester Collection is known in the industry for having world class managers.

It would also be good for the overall success of the company if the employees are made an inherent part of the organization and this starts from the top. The top management needs to lead by example in this employee engagement exercise to create an impact all over the organization. Employee engagement surveys and other tools can be used for gauging the perception of employees and finding out how satisfied they are with the company.

The Dorchester Collection is an excellent example of how to undertake the task of employee engagement and reap great benefits from it.

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