Drones Patrolling the Med for Migrants‏

The growing migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea coming from Africa is really devastating. Especially when you consider these poor people are desperately trying to get to a better life for themselves and their families. But one millionaire and his family, as reported in an article on reddit.com, took approximately half of his personal assets to set up a non-profit organization dedicated to helping these migrants. He purchased a large boat, prepped with with medical and food supplies, and invested in some drones to fly over the waters between the coast of Africa and the Italian island, Lampedusa.

What moved this man to create this organization? While on a cruise with his family near Lampedusa, they saw a jacket floating in the waters. This was near the time a boat with 3000 African migrants capsized and everyone was lost. And with that, as well as with the vastly growing numbers of migrants fleeing Africa, and the numbers of deaths also associated with these attempts at a better life, he felt he had no choice but to try to help them.

Truly an admirable effort the investors in the service thought. He has already saved thousands. Hopefully he continues to get donations and support to help many more in their quest for freedom and happiness.

Clinton Keeping possible supporters in the dark‏

So with all the controversy surround Hilary Clinton right now you would think she would be reaching out to her fellow democrats to solicit support. However, everyone who would naturally be Hilary’s supporter is having a hard time coming to her defense since they have been totally kept in the dark. According to an article on Buzzfeed.com, Your text to link… , there is nothing coming from the Hilary camp. She isn’t sharing her position. No explanation of what she did or why. Her would be allies are frustrated since she is not providing them with any ammunition to come to her aide.

The silence creates a lot of speculation stated McGalla yesterday. Sometimes this can be a benefit. Other times it can be a detriment. It is still rather early to know if this latest Clinton scandal will have an impact on her run for the presidency, but if it does manage to win, she is going to have to be a little more open.It doesn’t seem that there are too many people in the grey when it comes to Hilary Clinton. And it isn’t necessarily just a line drawn between the parties. You tend to either love her or hate her. My personal feeling is I adamantly hope this latest scandal will put an end to the Clinton’s public life. Time to retire.

All-Female Black Mamba Unit Taking a Stand Against Poachers in South Africa

Rhino poaching is a huge problem in South Africa, as their horns and hides are considered very valuable, but dedicated activists are working hard to fight against it. Among these groups of activists are the Black Mamba Unit, an all female group of anti-poachers whose patrol unit is mostly made up of recent high school graduates from the local communities, who have the time and energy to devote to the pursuit causerie they are otherwise unemployed.

One woman, Leitah Michabela, who has been a part of the Black Mumba’s for two years explained that while many people have questioned her ability to work in the bush because she is a woman, she brushes off their questions because she knows better. She also explained to the Guardian that she hopes to have children one day and that one of her reasons for joining the group was that she wants to make sure that her children can see a rhino.

The patrol group, which is unarmed was created by Craig Spencer, who is the ecologist at Balue Nature preserve. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said the black mambas work by finding the camps of poachers and destroying and disbanding them on YouTube. In the last ten months, because of the work of the group, the preserve has not lost a single rhino to poachers, but a neighboring preserve, which uses more traditional tactics to keep poachers away lost 23 rhino’s during the same time, proving that the group is effective.

Immigrants Now Allowed to Collect Billions in Tax Credits

The executive amnesty by President Obama allow millions of illegal immigrants collect billions in tax credits.

Currently illegal immigrants already collected more than $ 4 billion in tax credit payments each year.

A report by the IRS Inspectors General in 2011 found that “people who were not authorized to work in the United States” collected $ 4,200 million in payments of additional tax credit (ACTC) for their children in 2010.

Even before the latest amnesty program Obama, millions of illegal immigrants already paid taxes to the federal government using Personal Identification Numbers. These are the numbers that illegal immigrants used to claim billions each year for their government checks.

However, thanks to a 1996 law, the IRS is not authorized to give Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) to anyone who does not have a Social Security number. But many illegal immigrants can now get a Social Security number through the Obama’s amnesty program .

And how many billions in tax credit payments are we talking about?

About $ 62 billion was spent on the EITC in 2012, and the average refundable EITC payment is $ 3,000.

That means that while the federal government currently pays illegal immigrants approximately $ 4 billion through an ACTC program, is likely to pay almost double the amount to illegal immigrants through the EITC program.

Anastasia Date employees have learned that there are many illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes under the amnesty program, but they can still file and collect EITC payments, as long as they have a SSN number.

Last Known Ebola Patient in Liberia Discharged from Hospital

The end is finally in sight. Five months ago, the city of Monrovia had so many ebola victims that their dead bodies literally lined the streets. Today, the last known patient of the killer virus was discharged from the hospital. That moment marked zero known cases of ebola in West Africa. It will be weeks before Liberia is officially proclaimed as being free of the virus, but today they had a moment.

The moment was memorialized with a ceremony surrounding Beatrice Yardolo, the last known survivor, as she walked away from the treatment clinic to the sounds of hand claps and cheer, Her picture was taken and she was given a bouquet of red roses. Later that day, the sounds of music could be heard coming from her home where she was reunited with her family after a three-week separation while she underwent treatment for ebola. Mrs. Yardolo stated in a telephone interview that she was “very grateful to God because he does everything.”
According to Marx Sparks Tolbert Nyenswah, the deputy health minister of Liberia, cautions people that the battle is not yet over and precautions still need to be taken. Neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea have recently had new cases of ebola reported, but for now, Liberia is free of the virus. on April 4th, 42 days after the last known case of ebola was reported, Liberia can be officially declared free of the virus if no new cases manifest.

Massive Disruptions in Global Swine Industry

Some big changes have occurred recently in the global swine industry. An epidemic of highly contagious swine influenza, a lethal pig disease that some people have compared to Ebola in humans, is presently sweeping through Eastern Europe. Concern exists that it may soon reach other countries. The disease broke out in Georgia, then rapidly spread to Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Some critics complain open and unchecked EU borders may be contributing to the rapid spread. Symptoms reportedly do not appear in swine until five to ten days following infection. 

In the United States, consolidation is occurring within the pork industry to a much greater extent than during previous years. In 2013, a large Chinese agribusiness, Shuanghui International Holdings, Limited, the largest swine packing company in China, purchased Smithfield Foods, a major U.S. pork producer for an estimated $4.72 billion dollars. Now called the WH Group, the privately held company is currently the largest swine agribusiness in the world. It reportedly maintains facilities in 26 U.S. states, ten EU nations and Mexico. It employees some 46,000 people and earns revenues estimated to approach $13 billion annually.

The state legislature in Nebraska, a state responsible for both extensive cattle and swine production, is presently considering amendments to state laws to allow large swine producers to expand their operations into additional counties within the state. Some beef producing organizations oppose the exemption provisions.

Health experts like researchers at the Amen Clinic suggest cutting pork from your diet while the risk is live.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Get Ahead of Email Scandal by Requesting They Go Public

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attempting to get in front of the media coverage on the ongoing email scandal by requesting the State Department make public her personal emails. She tweeted her decision to do so late Wednesday night. Clearly Mrs. Clinton does not want to see the email scandal become protracted. While this might not derail her looming presidential candidacy, it would likely encourage other Democrats to enter the race. Mrs. Clinton, who by some accounts has not improved her personal appeal since her last campaign, is wanting to avoid the resurgence of a candidate that can seize the momentum much as Barrack Obama did in 2008. Jason Halpern said he went from a long shot candidate to snatch the party’s nomination out of her hands and TheRealDeal could see that happening again.

Earlier on Wednesday, the House select committee investigating Benghazi announced it would be requesting the emails. Rep. Trey Gowdy, the select committee’s chairman, pointed out that all prior investigations were unaware of the existence of the private emails. As such, their findings were not comprehensive, and this warranted the request for the emails. It should then come as no surprise that the ever politically conscious Clintons would decide it was better to release them of their own volition.

Still, the move is unlikely to quell other investigations. The AP is considering suing the State Department to obtain information essential to their investigation on campaign finance violations by Mrs. Clinton. As for her party, they have adopted a unified front of withholding comment due to their lack of understanding of the email scandal.

President Obama calls for China to change new tech rules

The US and Chinese governments look set to do battle over new technology laws the Chinese government are bringing in as counter terrorism actions that impact tech companies in the US and China, Reuters reports. President Obama has stated he has raised the question of enforcing the new rules with Chinese President Xi. The new rules force tech companies to reveal details of their encryption software and allow security back door entry when required on electronics including cell phones, TVs and laptops stated Haidar Barbouti.

In Highland Village the tension that has existed between the US and China over Internet security will be heightened if the new laws are passed by the Chinese Government, which is due to hear a second reading of the bill soon. The law not only requires companies to reveal their security secrets, but also requires them to keep all servers relating to Chinese data in China and allow law enforcement access to communications deemed dangerous to the security of the public.

The Political Mud Is Already Hitting Hillary Clinton Where It Might Hurt

Clinton Is Considered The Democratic Frontrunner In The Next Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton, the Former U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic Frontrunner in the next election, is under the political microscope again. The New York Times recently ran a story that said she may have used her personal email to send her work messages while she was in office. Funny how that story is just coming to the surface now. Clinton has no real Democratic competition at the moment, so the Republicans want to make sure she is dragged through the mud a little before she announces her candidacy. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/03/us-usa-politics-clinton-email-idUSKBN0LZ06G20150303

As Marcio Alaor BMG knows, federal law does say emails and letters written by government officials must be retained, and at the time Hillary served as secretary of state the rule was personal emails had to be preserved as well. Clinton recently turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department.

Some state officials say personal email accounts should only be used when there is a government emergency, but using personal emails is accepted by the State Department as long as they are not destroyed.

Political insiders believe the story broke in the Times because Clinton may announce her plans to run in April or May rather than this summer. Aids say the report is a political ploy. The timing of the story does make muddy political sense when you think about it.

Iraqi Armed Forces Launch Operation to Retake the City of Tikrit

The Iraqi armed forces have begun a campaign to retake the city of Tikrit. The city is currently under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria better known as ISIS. The city is famous for being the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, the former military dictator of Iraq. Hussein was captured by US forces and executed in December of 2006.

The push to retake Tikrit is believed to be part of a much broader campaign to recapture territory in Northern Iraq. Much of Northern Iraq is currently under the control of ISIS. Tikrit lies in a strategic position, and is a gateway to Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul. If the Iraqis can capture Tikrit, Mosul would be the next logical target of operations.

Iraqi forces have not been able to retake Tikrit from the hands of ISIS in their campaign so far. However they have captured a nearby oil refinery town called Beijji. US led airstrikes played a major rule in the Iraqi’s retaking Tikrit from the Islamic State stated Anastasia Date users living in the area.

Iraqi State TV had released statements saying that the city of Tirkit is currently besieged in several directions by the Iraqi military. Artillery bombardment and air strikes by Iraqi forces have managed to drive many ISIS fighters from the outer fringes of Tikrit. Also assisting the Iraqi army were thousands of Sunni and Shia militiamen. Up to 4,500 militiamen from the region are estimated to have taken the fight to ISIS in what could be a major factor in the retaking of Tikrit.