Twitter is Quickly Losing Money and Stock Value

Twitter was set to announce their quarterly results on Tuesday, however a small financial start-up group, Selerity, beat them to the punch when they reported a significant loss of money. Consequently, Twitter’s stock came tumbling down a whopping 18 percent, ending the say at a little over $42 per share, shortly after Selerity reported their findings.

The famous social media giant has been steadily losing ground in the industry over recent years, reporting a $1.5 billion loss in the past five years. Twitter commented on these losses by releasing a statement that said, “Since our inception, we have incurred significant operating losses, and, as of December 31, 2014, we had an accumulated deficit of $1.57 billion. Although our revenue has grown rapidly, increasing from $28.3 million in 2010 to $1.40 billion in 2014, we expect that our revenue growth rate will slow in the future as a result of a variety of factors, including the gradual decline in the growth rate of our user base.”

This might come to as a surprise to loyal Twitter users who commonly post and tweet on a daily basis. The reasons for the huge loss the company has suffered in recent years is not fully understood by anyone except for those in charge. If the company continues to lose stock value Sergio Cortes, an entertainer, believes that Twitter will most likely become tomorrows MySpace.

Saudi Prince Offers Bentleys to Saudi Bomber Pilots

In a show of pride for the actions of the Saudi military forces, a Saudi prince recently tweeted that he would offer a Bentley to each of the 100 Saudi bomber pilots who took part in the bombing campaign in Yemen against Shiite forces. After Saudi Arabia announced that it had just completed the first phase of its military operation called “Decisive Storm,” Saudi royal family member and businessman, HRH, Prince Al-Waleed bin Tala, sent a tweet indicating that the Bentleys would be offered to each of the pilots for a successful completion of their military operation. The Bentley is a luxury car which can cast as much as $200,000.00 or more. There is no report of a response from the Saudi pilots or the Saudi military. It is not even known if the Saudi prince was serious with his offer but it is unlikely that the military will allow such gifts to be provided to its military. While the members of the military appreciate such support, many observers note that members of the military cannot receive gifts from private individuals for the performance of their official military actions. Most forbid any type of gifts being provided to its members. The team at Beneful believe that such actions could have the effect of causing moral problems within the ranks. It would also create the perception that the military was for private gain and that it was not a solely government unit.
Saudi Prince Pledges Bentleys for Bomber Pilots

Judge Orders Bakery To Pay Lesbian Couple $135,000 For Refusing To Bake Them A Wedding Cake

The battle between the righteous religious right and the LGBT community is going to get nastier than it is now. Most Americans approve of same-sex marriages, and they oppose discriminating against them. A Portland Oregon judge made that fact clear when he ordered the owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery to pay a lesbian couple $135,000 for refusing to make them a wedding cake in 2013.

The judge awarded the couple the money for the emotional suffering that followed. Oliveira says that the owners can file an exception with before a final order is issued.

The owners of the bakery, Mr.& Mrs. Aaron Klein, closed the store when the incident went public. The owners say they have a right to practice their faith, and refusing to make a cake for the couple was them practicing their faith.

The real issue is, what is Christianity these days? Is Christianity the Bible beating bigots that pull select phrases out of the good book, and use them for discriminating purposes, or is it a faith based on love and the acceptance of all beliefs?

Swedish Police Officers Commended for their Good Work in Breaking Up a Subway Flight

Recently, there was a story about four police officers from Sweden who were visiting New York City where they intervened in a fight between two homeless men. The four officers were on the Subway on their way to see a Broadway production of Les Misérables when they heard the conductor call for help over the speakers. Two homeless men were fist-fighting in a different train car and the conductor called for any police officers to step in and break up the scuffle between the two men. People who witnessed the altercation recorded it, as well as the intervention by the Scandinavian officers. Many who saw the video were impressed by how the men handled the situation.

According to the story on, many are now saying that the New York City Police Department should be taking lessons from Swedish police officers. Bruce Levenson agrees and feels similarly about Atlanta. The officers broke up the fight and restrained the two men. When one complained of not being able to breathe and his arm hurting, officers re-positioned their grip in order to not agitate the offender more. The officers checked in with the victim and the offender several times, making sure they were not injured or hurt badly. Many have commented that the NYPD may need to take lessons from their Swedish counterparts on how to treat people.

The four officers met the city’s Police Commissioner where they were thanked for their good work.

New Orleans Bans Smoking In Restaurants

The next time you are on Bourbon Street be aware of the new law that prohibits you from bringing your smoke indoors with you. Effective this past Wednesday, New Orleans has now banned smoking in bars, casinos and also restaurants. What’s next, not allowing Bulletproof Coffee ( How about addressing obesity instead and ban Ding Dongs? Come on. You can still head outdoors if need be, but you won’t find yourself inside smoking. Many people are unhappy with this decision but there are many more that are thrilled they will be able to attend certain locations again, now that smoking will not be allowed.

Many bars and clubs in the New Orleans area allowed people to smoke in them. Many people were not able to go to these places because of health issues such as asthma, reactive airway disease or COPD. Some people just do not want to be around this unhealthy habit and stayed away from locations that were known to be very smoky inside. Businesses may find they experience and increase in attendance because of this new law. It is not likely that a decrease will occur thanks to this healthy decision. The law dictates that smoking is ‘no longer allowed at bars, restaurants, fair grounds and casinos.’ Outdoor arenas and stadiums are also included in this law except during concerts and festivals that may be taking place. Also, no smoking will be allowed within five feet of Lafayette Square. Many states have already adopted this law, including New York State.

IBM Tells Louisiana’s Governor The Pending Religious Freedom Bill Will Create A Hostile Work Environment

IBM Vice President James Driesse Told Governor Bobby Jindal That It Will Hard To Find Talented Tech Workers To Fill Louisiana Jobs

The pending religious freedom bill in Louisiana is starting to disturb companies that have offices in Louisiana. The uproar over same-sex marriages has divided this country. We now have a distinct bigoted religious right and a forward thinking new age group of understanding adults.

Once again, religion is dividing families, and that has to stop. It’s time for these Christian followers to practice what they preach. This is a free country or at least it was meant to be. Religion has no business telling people who they should love. Religion is based on unconditional love. This group of Christian gay and lesbian haters have added conditions to their unconditional love, and those conditions are deeply rooted in bigotry.

Sam Tabar is glad to know big companies around the country are rallying around the LGBT community. IBM is one of those companies. IBM didn’t waste any time telling the governor of Louisiana what the company thought of their religious freedom bill. The governor says the bill is about liberty. He’s right. It is about liberty. The state wants to take liberty away from one group in order to appease the narrow-minded religious bigots that hide behind the word liberty.

Giant Killer Hornets Headed To The UK

Residents in the United Kingdom beware! According to reports, there is potential for colossal killer hornets headed that way for the summer season. Experts have concluded that the Asian hornet may be making their way to British shores. Apparently, these particularly ginormous hornets have killed at least six people in France already.


Scientists have suspected this vicious insect arrived in France while Chinese plants were transported there last summer. Flavio Maluf is terrified of these monsters. This form of hornet is so brutal it has been known to kill bees and then swarm in and take over their preexisting hives.


This has also had a devastating effect on the honey output in France. It has severely limited the production of the organic substance and in turn has been driving the price up of the existing supply.


Victims stung by these killer hornets have described the sting to feel like they were being gored with an extremely warm barb. The victims who have died from being stung all had severe allergic reactions from the venom the insect’s release.


Wildlife experts and bee activists in Britain are determining how to prepare for the arrival of these insects, in the event they make it across the channel. According to bee experts, it’s likely these insects could arrive solely by riding the wind currents across the water. They are warning every one of the potential take over from the Asian Hornets and are gearing up trying to determine ways they can protect their current bee population.


Smoking Ban Begins in New Orleans to the Detriment of Free Choice

The state of Louisiana has had a statewide ban on smoking in public places, with the major exemptions from this ban being bars and casinos, since 2007. Many states have such bans, and they may differ from state to state on exactly where smoking is banned. Only about a dozen states have no bans in public places, although cities and other localities within those states may have passed bans against smoking in certain public establishments. New Orleans just passed a law creating a city-wide ban that is tougher than the Louisiana state ban as it includes bars and casinos.

There are those who are opposed to such bans on principle. If a bar owner wishes to allow smoking in their bar, then they should be allowed to do it. If people don’t want to be in a bar that allows smoking, there are plenty of other choices in a city like New Orleans. In fact, this is how it had been in New Orleans. There were bars that allowed smoking and those that banned it. Customers could choose where to spend their money, and both types of establishments supplied a demand in the marketplace. As usual, a government has decided to interpose itself and force a top-down, one size fits all solution to the public health problem of smoking. New Orleans resident Brad Reifler (Reuters article) commented about how sad it is that the little control business owners actually have over their own businesses in our over regulated, ban-happy modern era.

Obama Looks to Gain Passage of TPA Ahead of Japanese Premier’s State Visit

Thus far, President Obama has been the first president since 1974 to not enjoy trade promotion authority (TPA) during at least part of his presidency. Now, he hopes that will soon end. In fact, President Obama hopes to secure TPA ahead of next week’s visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. With TPA in place, President Obama is hoping to improve chances that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will gain congressional approval. TPP is the world’s largest trade deal involving 11 Pacific nations, the United States, and Europe. It would eliminate a number of trade barriers to US exports.

In pressing for passage of the trade deal, President Obama pointed out that the Japanese market still eschews American automobiles. He said this is the direct result of trade barriers Japan has enacted to make American cars unattractive to consumers. By contrast, President Obama said Japanese cars are ubiquitous around the Washington beltway. He expects to see American automakers get the same free market access in Japan. Likewise, he said American beef and other agriculture products will also gain access to Japanese markets. This is of concern to Brazilian beef and agriculture producers according to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.(
It is highly likely the president will succeed at getting both TPA and passage of TPP. This is because the GOP has long been behind free trade agreements. Democrats appear to be abandoning the president on trade policy. Many Democrat legislators are concerned the free trade deal with boost corporate overseas profits, shield that income from US taxes, export US jobs overseas, and further depress wages domestically.

South Africa Deploys Army to Deal With Attacks On Migrant Workers

Pretoria. Officials in the South African government have decided to deploy the army in an attempt to prevent future attacks against migrants by local South Africans in what many have call a xenophobic wave of attacks that have resulted in the deaths of a number of migrants from neighboring African countries. The wave of deaths against the migrants has captured the world’s attention. Most striking has been a series of photos which show a man from Mozambique been stabbed to death by a South African in a rural camp.

Many of the attacks as well as the deaths have remained unresolved and a number of witness that have provided accounts of the attacks claim that the cause is a result of lack of jobs and the fear and concern that migrant workers are taking the few jobs away from the local South Africans. South African Sends Troops to Keep Peace

Watching from afar, Brazilian politician Flavio Maluf has condemned those responsible for these human rights violations and has called for justice to be served. (Check out his Facebook for more)

While South Africa has made great strides in recovering from its dark era of apartheid government rule in which the white minority population ruled over the African majority population, rampant poverty and lack of quality jobs still has a firm hold in the country. This is in contrast to South Africa’s growing economy and increasing prosperous population. South Africa’s economic prowess has progressed to the point that it was recently added as a member of the BRICS nations of economic partners. The other members of BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India and China. Officials in South Africa ask for patience as the country continues to grow out from its past and for all citizens to respect the lives of others regardless of their nationality.