A Devoted Multi-Talented Business Executive



Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian executive, author and talented speaker currently employed as Business Chairman of the QNET Group located in Hong Kong. Happily married to his wife Umayal who is a determined chairperson of the Vijayaratnam organization.


Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960 to a loving family, his mother a devoted teacher and his father whom was a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. The work of his father consisted of his family to relocate constantly to different areas of Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran successfully graduated with honors in 1984 with a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics.

Working his way up, Vijay Eswaran decided to remain in Europe, where he was given multiple jobs one in which he where he worked on a construction site in Belgium and another in France as a taxi driver. Later, Vijay Eswaran was presented with binary system marketing, which moved him to a ranking of experience and professional qualifications. By 1986, Vijay Eswaran was experimenting with multi-level marketing and in his downtime, he worked for Synaptics in the United States.


When Vijay Eswaran later returned to Malaysia, he was given an extraordinary idea to start his own business in the Philippines where he focused more closely to MLM. In 1998, Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia and co-established a multi-level marketing business, known today as QNet that grew and expanded to what now stands today as the QNET Group an ecommerce business that specializes in travel, media, telecommunications, luxury products, wellness and training and business investments. QNET has multiple offices, its main headquarters located in Hong Kong and additional offices in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, the company is well known and favorable to an array of subsidiary organizations nationwide.

Honors and Awards

Vijay has spoken at many events and business forums such as the World Economic Forum. In 2013, he was acknowledged and placed in Asia’s Forbes magazine as the 25the richest executive in Malaysia.

Professional Author

As an author, Vijay published his first novel in 2005 “Sphere of Silence” that gave a bio of his life. Vijay also published a second novel called “In the Thinking Zone” about a host of thoughts and reflections on life, that was later launched and published in 2008. Vijay Eswaran is a devoted and determined business executive who paved and inspired the way for many.

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