Iran Wants Sanctions Lifted The Same Day They Sign Nuke Deal

President Hassan Rouhani Said “We Will Not Sign Any Deal Unless All Sanctions Are Lifted On The Same Day”

The United States and the other five countries involved in the nuclear agreement with Iran have a decision to make. Iran wants all sanctions lifted the day the agreement is signed. The U.S. previously said the sanctions would be lifted in phases. Iran economy is suffering from the sanctions, and they have had enough. They want the agreement to be a win-win for all involved, and the only way that can happen is the immediate removal of all sanctions at the signing table.

President Hassan Rouhani said, The Iranian nation will come out on top and be the victor in the negotiations, but the United States may have a different opinion. The U.S. never agreed to lifting sanctions on the same day. The U.S. has repeatedly said sanctions will be lifted after international monitors verify Iran’s compliance with the agreement. If Iran doesn’t conform, the sanctions will resume.

Jaime Garcia Dias ( has learned that supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the agreement may not be signed by the June deadline because the United States made statements about the agreement that were false. Khamenei also said the talks so far don’t guarantee an agreement, and the negotiations may end at any time.

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