South Africa Deploys Army to Deal With Attacks On Migrant Workers

Pretoria. Officials in the South African government have decided to deploy the army in an attempt to prevent future attacks against migrants by local South Africans in what many have call a xenophobic wave of attacks that have resulted in the deaths of a number of migrants from neighboring African countries. The wave of deaths against the migrants has captured the world’s attention. Most striking has been a series of photos which show a man from Mozambique been stabbed to death by a South African in a rural camp.

Many of the attacks as well as the deaths have remained unresolved and a number of witness that have provided accounts of the attacks claim that the cause is a result of lack of jobs and the fear and concern that migrant workers are taking the few jobs away from the local South Africans. South African Sends Troops to Keep Peace

Watching from afar, Brazilian politician Flavio Maluf has condemned those responsible for these human rights violations and has called for justice to be served. (Check out his Facebook for more)

While South Africa has made great strides in recovering from its dark era of apartheid government rule in which the white minority population ruled over the African majority population, rampant poverty and lack of quality jobs still has a firm hold in the country. This is in contrast to South Africa’s growing economy and increasing prosperous population. South Africa’s economic prowess has progressed to the point that it was recently added as a member of the BRICS nations of economic partners. The other members of BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India and China. Officials in South Africa ask for patience as the country continues to grow out from its past and for all citizens to respect the lives of others regardless of their nationality.

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