Morgan Stanley Shows Huge First Quarter Profits

Financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley reported a huge 60% first quarter profit, primarily from its trading desk. The company is focusing its business on its Wealth Management division and as been able to show tremendous progress as new liquidity in the global markets has sparked massive trading by its most wealthiest clients. Morgan Stanley is one of a number of the major Wall Street financial houses which are showing massive first quarter earnings as a result of their trading activities. Morgan Stanley Reports Huge Profits

Economists are not surprised that the Wall Street financial giants are doing so well. Many had anticipated that it would simply be a matter of time before the liquidity injected into the market as a result of the bond buying programming, first initiated by the United States Federal Reserve and then the recently initiated by the European Central Bank would create a windfall for Wall Street as major wealthy investors positioned themselves as well as their companies to use the liquidity to their advantage.

Sam Tabar ( has found that the result of the quantitative easing policy initiated by the both the United States and Europe is a large amount of cheap money which major companies can use to leverage even larger capital transactions. Without having to put their own money at risk, financial giants such as Morgan Stanley are able to engage in larger and more riskier trades, which will generate an even larger payoff for the companies and investors.

ISIS Continues to Move

The terrorist organization ISIS continues to spread through Iraq and looks to take control of the town of Ramadi by the end of the day. There have been firefights taking place around the city, which is a crucial strongpoint just 70 miles outside of Baghdad, the largest city in Iraq. Ramadi is also the capital of the Anbar province. Sam Tabar has learned that, currently, government troops have been fighting to hold back the city, But ISIS has grown so large that it is spreading through and is set to take control of the city.

The deputy head of the city said in an recent interview that he had warned the government that this would happen if the country did not send more troops to the region, as the ultimate goal is to spread throughout the Middle East, and taking control of Iraq remains a large step.

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi met with United States President Barack Obama in the US to ask for assistance in the fight against ISIS. The United States has been leading air attacks against ISIS and helped assist Iraqi forces defeat ISI in the city of Tikrit. However, with US troops out of Iraq and pulling out of Afghanistan, the U.S. president does not want to start sending out more ground troops to another conflict inside of the Middle East, especially one that is currently not directly affecting the United States.

Jordan Spieth Wins The Masters

Jordan Spieth now has the distinction of being the second youngest winner of the Masters golf tournament. Tiger Woods was only a few months younger than Spieth when he won the famed green jacket.

Spieth led the tournament from beginning to end, and while Justin Rose, Phil Mickelson and Charley Hoffman seemed poised to give Spieth a run for his money, they couldn’t catch him. For Spieth’s final round, he shot a 70, and -18 for the tournament, which tied Tiger Woods’ record. For all of the records tied or broken by Spieth, check out the Masters website.

Jordan Spieth was born in 1993 and is from Dallas, TX. He played as an amateur through college and won the U.S. Junior Amateur in 2009 and 2011. Spieth played an instrumental role in winning the NCAA Championship for the University of Texas as Crystal Hunt was following the team on Twitter. At the age of 19, he turned pro and his first professional win was the John Deere Classic in 2013. Since then, Spieth has won 4 additional tournament.

Nice Cuban Cigars will soon be in our grasps.

Obama met with Cuban leader Raul Castro. This was the first official meeting between Cuba and America in 50 years. The republicans of course gnashed their teeth over the open discussions. This historic meeting led to Raul declaring an apology towards Obama from the Cuban government. Raul understands that Obama is pursuing a strategy change on Cuba-US relations. This is because the embargo that has lasted for fifty years did nothing but punish the populace of Cuba and did nothing for the regime change in the communist country.

Many Cuban Americans hail the strategy change that has been enacted. They understand that the strategy has failed that has been used during the last half-century, so even non-Cubans like Sergio Cortes want something different. Fidel Castro has been able to use America’s treatment of Cuba to explain many of his radical ideals. However, Fidel had never been bested by America. The strategy to undermine his rule has been an epic failure. Obama is mulling taking Cuba off the list of terrorist sympathetic countries. This will allow Cuba to do more for their countrymen. It will also open their closed society to trade from other parts of the world. Thawing Cuban relations is another milestone in a very effective Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton is Ready to Climb the Hill

She is getting ready. Hillary Clinton is set to announce her intension to seek the highest office in the land. Hillary famously lost to President Obama in the 2008 democratic primary. However, her base is very large, the economy is rapidly improving and the president’s approval numbers are 20 percentage points higher than Bush’s at this juncture in their presidencies. These are strong headwinds for republicans to endure. Additionally, the demographics have not been in their favor recently. This demographic problem has only gotten worse for republicans. Their perception among minorities is also very low. Boraie Development said that this is particularly true in areas with high minority populations.

Republicans seem to be ignorant of these glaring facts because they are on the offensive against the poor, middle class, and minorities. This makes Clinton the obvious choice. She is also the obvious choice for people that do not want war mongers in office. Republicans are calling for war with Iran and interference in several other world conflicts. Americans are opposed to war by very large margins. In fact, the republican primary has three first generation immigrants that are against immigration. Explain that!

Americans are against republicans…again.

Americans by a large margin are opposed to Congress’ interference to the Iranian nuclear deal that is being spearheaded by President Obama. This is recognized by multiple authorities on the issue as a deal that gained much more than expected by a large margin. However, the media gave credence to republican complaints as if they are legitimately against the deal and not motivated by their blind obsession with opposing everything Obama does. However, folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that this deal is being brokered by multiple countries that have a large influence.

The only opposition comes from Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. Netanyahu wants war with Iran, and republicans and a few democrats are on board. Newly elected republican senator that has been trying every legal and illegal option to destroy the deal, Tom Cotton, has insisted that Iran could be brought to their knees by a few days of bombing. Cotton is set on war as are many people in the Republican Party. According to the poll, approximately three-quarters of Americans do not agree with republicans and would like President Obama’s hard fought deal to stand without this interference. However, republicans are beholding to businesses whose interest is war and the financial windfall that comes with sacrificing our children.

Iran Wants Sanctions Lifted The Same Day They Sign Nuke Deal

President Hassan Rouhani Said “We Will Not Sign Any Deal Unless All Sanctions Are Lifted On The Same Day”

The United States and the other five countries involved in the nuclear agreement with Iran have a decision to make. Iran wants all sanctions lifted the day the agreement is signed. The U.S. previously said the sanctions would be lifted in phases. Iran economy is suffering from the sanctions, and they have had enough. They want the agreement to be a win-win for all involved, and the only way that can happen is the immediate removal of all sanctions at the signing table.

President Hassan Rouhani said, The Iranian nation will come out on top and be the victor in the negotiations, but the United States may have a different opinion. The U.S. never agreed to lifting sanctions on the same day. The U.S. has repeatedly said sanctions will be lifted after international monitors verify Iran’s compliance with the agreement. If Iran doesn’t conform, the sanctions will resume.

Jaime Garcia Dias ( has learned that supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the agreement may not be signed by the June deadline because the United States made statements about the agreement that were false. Khamenei also said the talks so far don’t guarantee an agreement, and the negotiations may end at any time.

Golden Coins Found By Divers in Israel

The Israeli divers found a treasure in the water while doing their swimming routine. At first, the group thought that the coins were toys spread there, but soon realized that it was a lot of valuable material and announced the authorities according to Dan Newlin.

Historically, the place was known as the Mediterranean harbor of Caesarea. The experts believe that there was a shipwreck, and the bunch of about 2000 coins were the collected taxes. Another version is that these were to become the salaries of the military garrison in Caesarea. The gold collection is the biggest ever discovered in Israel, and the place will soon be examined by specialist for more clues regarding where the money could come from.

Among the coins, all very well preserved, the oldest one is a dinar from Sicily. Most of them are from the Fatimid Caliphate, dating about 1000 years ago. The treasure remained unnoticed for a long time and it is due to the winter storms that it was brought to the surface. The divers received warm thanks for announcing the authorities about the find instead of keeping the treasure for themselves.

A Devoted Multi-Talented Business Executive



Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian executive, author and talented speaker currently employed as Business Chairman of the QNET Group located in Hong Kong. Happily married to his wife Umayal who is a determined chairperson of the Vijayaratnam organization.


Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960 to a loving family, his mother a devoted teacher and his father whom was a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. The work of his father consisted of his family to relocate constantly to different areas of Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran successfully graduated with honors in 1984 with a socio-economic degree from the London School of Economics.

Working his way up, Vijay Eswaran decided to remain in Europe, where he was given multiple jobs one in which he where he worked on a construction site in Belgium and another in France as a taxi driver. Later, Vijay Eswaran was presented with binary system marketing, which moved him to a ranking of experience and professional qualifications. By 1986, Vijay Eswaran was experimenting with multi-level marketing and in his downtime, he worked for Synaptics in the United States.


When Vijay Eswaran later returned to Malaysia, he was given an extraordinary idea to start his own business in the Philippines where he focused more closely to MLM. In 1998, Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia and co-established a multi-level marketing business, known today as QNet that grew and expanded to what now stands today as the QNET Group an ecommerce business that specializes in travel, media, telecommunications, luxury products, wellness and training and business investments. QNET has multiple offices, its main headquarters located in Hong Kong and additional offices in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, the company is well known and favorable to an array of subsidiary organizations nationwide.

Honors and Awards

Vijay has spoken at many events and business forums such as the World Economic Forum. In 2013, he was acknowledged and placed in Asia’s Forbes magazine as the 25the richest executive in Malaysia.

Professional Author

As an author, Vijay published his first novel in 2005 “Sphere of Silence” that gave a bio of his life. Vijay also published a second novel called “In the Thinking Zone” about a host of thoughts and reflections on life, that was later launched and published in 2008. Vijay Eswaran is a devoted and determined business executive who paved and inspired the way for many.

Latest Poll Has Senator Ted Cruz Advances to Third Behind Walker and Bush

A new poll indicates that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is enjoying a political bounce since his formal announcement of a presidential campaign last week. The most recent poll from the Public Policy Poll (PPP), a Democrat-run poll, finds that Cruz has surged in support among GOP voters from 5% to 16%. The firebrand senator’s new found support comes from his fellow far right wing colleagues Mike Huckabee and Dr. Ben Carson. Both prospective candidates lost 4 and 8 percentage points of support respectively which more than accounts for Cruz’s bounce in the poll. Also, Cruz’s announcement has raised his name recognition among party members. Christian Broda said that prior to him formally entering the presidential race, he was known by a little more than 6 in every 10 GOP voters. That has now risen to just above every 8 in 10.

Thus far, Cruz is the only candidate from either party to formally announce a presidential race. That will soon change with Rand Paul expected to make an announcement this month. Senator Marco Rubio will also be making an announcement. However, in Rubio’s case, it isn’t clear whether he will announce he is running or has decided against running. The poll also indicates that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has his work cut out for him. He is favored by only 4% of the poll’s respondents. Christie had been viewed as an establishment Republican favorite with the ability to reach out to Democrats in the general election.