Swedish Police Officers Commended for their Good Work in Breaking Up a Subway Flight

Recently, there was a story about four police officers from Sweden who were visiting New York City where they intervened in a fight between two homeless men. The four officers were on the Subway on their way to see a Broadway production of Les Misérables when they heard the conductor call for help over the speakers. Two homeless men were fist-fighting in a different train car and the conductor called for any police officers to step in and break up the scuffle between the two men. People who witnessed the altercation recorded it, as well as the intervention by the Scandinavian officers. Many who saw the video were impressed by how the men handled the situation.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, many are now saying that the New York City Police Department should be taking lessons from Swedish police officers. Bruce Levenson agrees and feels similarly about Atlanta. The officers broke up the fight and restrained the two men. When one complained of not being able to breathe and his arm hurting, officers re-positioned their grip in order to not agitate the offender more. The officers checked in with the victim and the offender several times, making sure they were not injured or hurt badly. Many have commented that the NYPD may need to take lessons from their Swedish counterparts on how to treat people.

The four officers met the city’s Police Commissioner where they were thanked for their good work.

New Orleans Bans Smoking In Restaurants

The next time you are on Bourbon Street be aware of the new law that prohibits you from bringing your smoke indoors with you. Effective this past Wednesday, New Orleans has now banned smoking in bars, casinos and also restaurants. What’s next, not allowing Bulletproof Coffee (eater.com)? How about addressing obesity instead and ban Ding Dongs? Come on. You can still head outdoors if need be, but you won’t find yourself inside smoking. Many people are unhappy with this decision but there are many more that are thrilled they will be able to attend certain locations again, now that smoking will not be allowed.

Many bars and clubs in the New Orleans area allowed people to smoke in them. Many people were not able to go to these places because of health issues such as asthma, reactive airway disease or COPD. Some people just do not want to be around this unhealthy habit and stayed away from locations that were known to be very smoky inside. Businesses may find they experience and increase in attendance because of this new law. It is not likely that a decrease will occur thanks to this healthy decision. The law dictates that smoking is ‘no longer allowed at bars, restaurants, fair grounds and casinos.’ Outdoor arenas and stadiums are also included in this law except during concerts and festivals that may be taking place. Also, no smoking will be allowed within five feet of Lafayette Square. Many states have already adopted this law, including New York State.

IBM Tells Louisiana’s Governor The Pending Religious Freedom Bill Will Create A Hostile Work Environment

IBM Vice President James Driesse Told Governor Bobby Jindal That It Will Hard To Find Talented Tech Workers To Fill Louisiana Jobs

The pending religious freedom bill in Louisiana is starting to disturb companies that have offices in Louisiana. The uproar over same-sex marriages has divided this country. We now have a distinct bigoted religious right and a forward thinking new age group of understanding adults.

Once again, religion is dividing families, and that has to stop. It’s time for these Christian followers to practice what they preach. This is a free country or at least it was meant to be. Religion has no business telling people who they should love. Religion is based on unconditional love. This group of Christian gay and lesbian haters have added conditions to their unconditional love, and those conditions are deeply rooted in bigotry.

Sam Tabar is glad to know big companies around the country are rallying around the LGBT community. IBM is one of those companies. IBM didn’t waste any time telling the governor of Louisiana what the company thought of their religious freedom bill. The governor says the bill is about liberty. He’s right. It is about liberty. The state wants to take liberty away from one group in order to appease the narrow-minded religious bigots that hide behind the word liberty.