Sultan Alhokair’s Advice for New Businesses

Sultan Alhokair is a young, Boston-based financial analyst with Retail Group of America who has particular ideas about how start-up companies should operate and plan for the future. According to him, such businesses should first evaluate where they want to be in five years. This will help set them up for success so that they can clearly understand what they need to do in order to become a thriving company. Bloomberg recently reported that Alhokair feels businesses should also scope out the competition. There will always be a rival company, so knowing who they are, how to differentiate one’s business from the competition, and how to compete with them effectively is also important. Another crucial step in the business process is creating a unique product or service. Sultan Alhokair recently told mashable that believes one needs to be different than any other company around so customers will want to use the product or service, rather than that of a competitor. Therefore, businesses need to be created to be unique from the beginning.

Sultan Alkohair, who is also an angel investor with Valia Investments, provides advice for what small start-ups should do to attract angel investors. One important quality such investors look for is a strong profitability plan. This not only means having a solid business plan but also a good overall scheme to make money so that investors can get a return on their money. Additionally, there needs to be an exit strategy. What if the business simply does not work out? Then investors like Sultan Alhokair would want to re-coup their initial seed money. Start-up businesses need to take this into consideration so that investors will know they ultimately will not be losing money in the venture. Start ups should also be very frugal with the funds they do receive. The start-up should function to do as much as possible with as little money as possible. This can guard against sizable losses from investors. It also demonstrates good business sense.

It is said that most businesses fail within five years. Although start-ups may be difficult to create and make profitable, getting sound financial advice from business people like Sultan Alhokair, may make the road to success easier. Follow Alhokair on Facebook or Twitter.

Aging Populations Are Creating Complex Health Care and Retirment Funding Issues

There is one demographic trend in the U.S., Canada and other developed countries, and that is the reality of an aging population. There have been breakthroughs in treatments of various forms of cancer over the years, and people who get cancer generally have a better chance of survival today than at any time in the past. That said, the number of cases of cancer is actually expected to go up over the next couple decades as the average age of many country’s populations increases.

The Canadian Cancer Society has issued a warning that their nation’s capacity to treat those afflicted with this disease has to be boosted to meet increasing demand for cancer-related health services. Canada is considered to have one of the better health systems in the world, but the aging population of so many nations will tax even the best such systems. Canada is predicting a 40 percent rise in new cases in just the next 15 years. Aging populations are not only testing the limits of health care delivery in many countries but also retirement or other government programs for the elderly. In the United States, there are many worried about the future solvency of programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Sam Tabar heard through the NewsVine that the government budgetary pressures caused by more people retired and dependent on the system and fewer young people working and paying into the system is an issue nearly all countries will have to face.

Cisco Systems Guilty of Patent Infringement

The US Supreme Court today ruled against Cisco Systems, the largest maker of computer network technology in the world.

In the $64 million patent case, the tech company claimed that it acted in “good faith” when they copied and marketed a wireless connections system.

A jury ruled in favor of Commil USA LLC, in April 2011, and in 2013, an appeals court decided to give Cisco the benefit of the doubt, and decided on a retrial. The case went to the Supreme Court.

According to Jim Dondero, The Supreme Court rejected arguments by the San Jose (California) company, and they were twice declared guilty by two lower court judges of violating patent law. However, in June 2013, an appeals court ruled that Cisco should be allowed to show that its business had always been guided by “good faith.”

According to Cisco Systems, they believed that the patent of Commil USA LLC was “invalid,” and based on that, produced similar systems.

Ted Cruz Supports Flat Tax

The Republican candidate Ted Cruz is not the first candidate pandering to those TEA party enthusiasts who would like to establish a flat tax rate that would make it simple for every person currently paying federal taxes. Doing so he believes the country could save roughly $500 billion or what he believed was the equivalent of the budget for the Department of Defense. To be factual the $500 billion estimate was from a few years ago when he was running for the US Senate, and estimates at the time for the DOD were about the same except it did not include a couple of items which increased the costs of the military to almost a trillion dollars.

The guys down at Boraie Development feel there is something to be said for a candidate who is bold enough to put a real plan in place that every American can understand and the majority support. For the voters on the left he is not robbing entitlement programs such as Medicare or Social Security. For the voters on the right he is reducing the size of government. The major problem his opponents will bring up is it increases the tax burden on the middle and lower economic classes, which currently pays little to no taxes when everything is said and done. But it does reduce the tax burden on the wealthier population which the Republicans believe will lead to increased economic development by adding more companies and more jobs. The truth is they have enough money to add jobs and companies if they really wanted too.

The Restructuring of YouTube

YouTube is a website that everyone knows. It is has been one of the most successful websites, but somehow it has not been a site that has made lots of money in the past. This, however, was before the site was restructured by Google.

In the past there were just a bunch of videos. People clicked on videos that could be watched without interruption, much like they would with CPA Marketing. Google purchased the site and this is what made it profitable. Now there are a lot of different people that are interested in visiting this website to make a profit. People can develop a channel and begin making money. There are ads that are running constantly on this website. There is a music section called Music Key. There are also a lot of people that come to the site and subscribe to channels.

Many people have been seeing the YouTube site going through the change. Some people love the website. Other people do not care for the changes. It is designed to make a lot of money this way though. Now YouTube is getting geared up to compete against Netflix and HBO. There are already video links that go straight to the Vevo site. This is what YouTube will need for a movie website as well. Right now people can rent movies on YouTube, but the company needs to actually have an external link from YouTube for new movies rentals.

Kanye West Blames Producers for His Muted Billboard Music Awards Performance

When Kanye West took the stage to close this year’s Billboard Music Awards, everyone expected the manic rapper to put on an awesome show. Immediately, lights were flashing and an explosion of sparks and fire engulfed the screen. Viewers at home could barely see the rapper on stage, so we can only how blinded those in attendance were.

Aside from the pyrotechnics, when West performed his new hit, “All Day”, he was heavily censored due to the nature of the song. Ricardo Tosto couldn’t believe they would do that when he watched in Brazil. It is riddled with curse words and derogatory phrases. The rapper was muted for most of his performance, with periods of 15-30 seconds completely silent due to the nature of his lyrics. And now, the rapper’s people are speaking out on his grossly censored performance.

Although TMZ reported that West performed a version of “All Day” that wasn’t pre-approved by the producers of the awards show, that wasn’t the case according to West’s representative who stated, Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards. Non-profane lyrics such as ’with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30 second intervals. As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented,”

It’s quite plausible that the producers didn’t know what was going to come out of the rapper’s mouth next, so they muted him for a long period of time to avoid costly fines by the FCC.

In the end, West’s performance was a complete disaster, but the television station shouldn’t be the one to blame. Perhaps “All Day” was far too inappropriate for prime time television. Maybe West’s ode to his mother, “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney, would have been a better choice for the event.

Nick Jonas Is Doing All That He Can

There is no doubt that Nick Jonas is rising to fame with his solo career. He has been the center of attention for a while now, and everyone is loving on his new songs. So, since he has gained so much fame from the album, it is obvious that he would want to go out on tour. He has a big tour planned, which includes concerts that join up with Kelly Clarkson’s tour, Piece By Piece.

And, as if a tour isn’t enough for all of Nick Jonas’s new fans including Brazilian bankers, he has also released a new single with Sage the Gemini. Nick Jonas really has a lot going on right now, and he is making his career happen. He’s doing all that he can, and he’s working hard for this. He’s keeping his fans happy and making new ones along the way.
Will you be seeing Nick Jonas in concert on his tour? It is bound to be an epic time if you go!

Maryland Welcomes Tesla to Sell Cars Directly to Consumers

As Americans, we are used to going to a car dealership when we want a new car. The process of buying cars through third parties is due to laws which make it illegal for automakers to sell their products directly to consumers. However, Tesla Motors has been adamantly fighting these laws in several states such as Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, and Michigan. Now, the innovative automaker has announced they have won a legal battle in Maryland which will allow Tesla to sell their cars directly to consumers.

This is a big deal for Tesla Motors because the inability to sell their cars directly to consumers have prevented them from exploding onto the auto market as originally planned. When dealing with a middle man in the car buying process, the price of Tesla vehicles were simply outside of most people’s budget. Folks at Amen Clinics have found that that is about to change when Tesla Motors is able to set their own price and own guidelines when selling their cars.

House bill 235 was signed by Governor Larry Hogan which gives Tesla the option to open up to four dealerships in Maryland beginning in October in 2015. Diarmuid O’Connell is the vice president of Tesla and is hoping this change leads to even bigger changes down the road saying, “We hope this momentum combined with encouragement from independent entities, such as the Federal Trade Commission, will lead to direct sales in other states such as Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona.”

Finding Love with Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is now the leading Online dating site for those who are seeking to expand their horizons and find a partner for life who comes from a different area of the world. If you are looking for a partner who comes from another area wouldn’t you want to trust somebody who has gone through the same thought processes and desires as you with this search? Those who look to Anastasia Date for help with their search for international love are doing just that as the company was founded by a married couple who came from the US and Russia respectively, which means they have used personal experience to create the best option for providing international dating services to anybody who wants them.

Most people have some concerns when they embark on the search for love in another area of the world, but these can be lost when the search is aided by a professional and experienced group of individuals. For example, amongst those who want to find love with a woman from Russia or the Ukraine it is always good to know assistance will be available with any language or etiquette problems that may arise. Problems like these can be easily handled with the help of Anastasia Date’s professionals who can translate messages and help either party conduct themselves in the right way to impress.

The aim of online dating is always to find the perfect partner and meet them in the flesh. Understanding how to do this can be difficult for those with little experience, but the professional service of Anastasia Date can include the chance to use their service for organizing a romantic meeting between people from very different areas of the world. The service has a very high level of success that is often based on the fact that a prompt and professional service can be obtained by people from any background who are looking for love and would like to find a little help in doing so.You can visit them at their Twitter or Instagram Pages.

James Dondero Has Been Appointed To The Board Of Directors For NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.

James Dondero along with Arthur Laffer has been appointed member of the board of directors at NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc., James Dondero has also been appointed Chairman of the Board. NexPoint Residential Trust has shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a publicly traded REIT. The company’s main focus is on acquiring, operating and owning middle income multifamily properties. The properties need to be well-located and have ‘with value’ potential in either large cities, or suburbs of large cities to receive their attention. Their interest mainly lies in the Southeastern and Southwestern parts of the United States.

James Dondero is the President of the company and also co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P as well as founder and president of NexPoint Advisors,L.P., and chairman of NexBank a bank majority owned by him and affiliated with NexBank.

Highland Capital Management was co-founded by Mr. Dondero in 1993 with Mark Okada and Ray Lane. Highland and its branches manage approximately $21 billion is assets as of March 2015. With over 30 years of experience in credit investments and equity markets, Mr. Dondero helped to pioneer new classes under credit asset. Before he founded Highland, he served as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC and helped to create the business into a $2 billion business from its concept. His portfolio includes experience in; mortgage backed securities, leveraged bank loans, emerging markets, investment grade corporates, derivatives, common and preferred stocks.