The Restructuring of YouTube

YouTube is a website that everyone knows. It is has been one of the most successful websites, but somehow it has not been a site that has made lots of money in the past. This, however, was before the site was restructured by Google.

In the past there were just a bunch of videos. People clicked on videos that could be watched without interruption, much like they would with CPA Marketing. Google purchased the site and this is what made it profitable. Now there are a lot of different people that are interested in visiting this website to make a profit. People can develop a channel and begin making money. There are ads that are running constantly on this website. There is a music section called Music Key. There are also a lot of people that come to the site and subscribe to channels.

Many people have been seeing the YouTube site going through the change. Some people love the website. Other people do not care for the changes. It is designed to make a lot of money this way though. Now YouTube is getting geared up to compete against Netflix and HBO. There are already video links that go straight to the Vevo site. This is what YouTube will need for a movie website as well. Right now people can rent movies on YouTube, but the company needs to actually have an external link from YouTube for new movies rentals.

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