Cisco Systems Guilty of Patent Infringement

The US Supreme Court today ruled against Cisco Systems, the largest maker of computer network technology in the world.

In the $64 million patent case, the tech company claimed that it acted in “good faith” when they copied and marketed a wireless connections system.

A jury ruled in favor of Commil USA LLC, in April 2011, and in 2013, an appeals court decided to give Cisco the benefit of the doubt, and decided on a retrial. The case went to the Supreme Court.

According to Jim Dondero, The Supreme Court rejected arguments by the San Jose (California) company, and they were twice declared guilty by two lower court judges of violating patent law. However, in June 2013, an appeals court ruled that Cisco should be allowed to show that its business had always been guided by “good faith.”

According to Cisco Systems, they believed that the patent of Commil USA LLC was “invalid,” and based on that, produced similar systems.

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