Aging Populations Are Creating Complex Health Care and Retirment Funding Issues

There is one demographic trend in the U.S., Canada and other developed countries, and that is the reality of an aging population. There have been breakthroughs in treatments of various forms of cancer over the years, and people who get cancer generally have a better chance of survival today than at any time in the past. That said, the number of cases of cancer is actually expected to go up over the next couple decades as the average age of many country’s populations increases.

The Canadian Cancer Society has issued a warning that their nation’s capacity to treat those afflicted with this disease has to be boosted to meet increasing demand for cancer-related health services. Canada is considered to have one of the better health systems in the world, but the aging population of so many nations will tax even the best such systems. Canada is predicting a 40 percent rise in new cases in just the next 15 years. Aging populations are not only testing the limits of health care delivery in many countries but also retirement or other government programs for the elderly. In the United States, there are many worried about the future solvency of programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Sam Tabar heard through the NewsVine that the government budgetary pressures caused by more people retired and dependent on the system and fewer young people working and paying into the system is an issue nearly all countries will have to face.

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