Gray’s Anatomy Scandal

Everyone cried when Dr. McDreamy died on Gray’s Anatomy. It seemed too much and too soon. Fans said he still had so much character that he could play. The show has seemed to drag on forever and a day, but without one of their main players, how can the show go on. Fans are outraged and rightfully so. But, was this a dispute between Patrick Dempsey and the powers that be, or did he leave peacefully.

New rumors that have been circulating that Matt Landis has been hearing state that Dempsey was having an affair off screen with a co-star and it was causing big problems. According to the adds, Ellen Pompeo, his on-screen love, is very good friends with Dempsey’s wife in real life. Pompeo knew about the affair and knew what was going on and felt it put her in a big predicament. She had to choose loyalty to her friend over loyalty to a co-star. Try working with someone on screen that you would like to strangle.

ABC executives cites that the relationship was unprofessional and inappropriate. So who was the vixen that McDreamy slept with? Well, no one is talking on that subject matter yet but there are speculations. Other rumors say that Dempsey had been acting a bit high and mighty and had problems with the directors. Gray’s Anatomy was picked up for its 12th and final season. It will be an interesting one without the good doctor in it.

Do You Own Your Medical Records?

Your restorative records don’t have a place with you, they are possessed by your specialist. In the event that you figure out how to get your hands all alone therapeutic records, it is because of the security tenet of 2000 which obliges restorative suppliers to let patients have a duplicate of their records at a “sensible expense.” Although the principle does not specify a particular charge, it attests that it ought not be an intends to “hinder the capacity of patients to duplicate their medicinal records” but instead to empower medicinal suppliers to “recover their sensible expenses for duplicating of ensured wellbeing data.” CLICK HERE

Patients’ entrance to therapeutic information helps patients

Exploration demonstrates that when patients like Adam Sender are given access to their restorative records, they turn out to be more occupied with their treatment and experience better care results. Steven Keating’s disclosure of a cerebrum tumor through careful accumulation he could call his own patient information is an illustration of how patient engagement in restorative medications can enhance care results.

Anonymous Donor Donates Bike to Autistic Boy

A boy in Brooklyn has learned that you should never underestimate the kindness of strangers. Earlier this week Eyewitness News in New York reported on the story of an 11-year-old who was mugged for his bicycle, now the story has a happy ending.

According to the official report, Dell Jones, known as DJ, was mugged in a park for his brand new BMX bike. The bike had been a special Christmas gift from his grandmother, who is also his legal guardian. DJ is autistic. Both of his parents have passed away. Because of the harsh New York winter DJ was not able to enjoy his gift until recently, so that was frustrating according to Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

According to Mary McCullen, the victim’s grandmother, two men approached DJ while he was in the park riding his bicycle for the first time. They hit him with a metal rod then took the bicycle, returning moments later to take his helmet, too.

Just days after the story aired an anonymous donor dropped off a new bicycle and a helmet for the young boy. The following day another donor called to say they had purchased a bicycle and helmet for the boy. She took the bicycle at the insistence of the donor. It has been gifted to DJ’s brother.

The muggers have not been caught.

Bernardo Chua: C.E.O. of Organo Gold

Bernado Chua: visionary, leader, and pioneer, those are just a few words that are used to describe him. He is also described as one of the largest names in the direct sales enterprise. He is affectionately known as “Bernie” by everyone that knows him. He established his coffee corporation with a dream in mind: to make people’s lives better with coffee. His gifts to the world are Ganoderma and coffee that is better for you than other coffees. Ever since he was a young kid, he has been preparing to make this coffee available to the world.

Mr. Chua owes a lot to his Chinese upbringing. He learned about Ganoderma at a young age. The genus of polymore mushrooms that may be found on logs wood throughout the world for a long time has been profoundly looked up to in China and other Asian nations for centuries. Mr. Chua became one of the first to sell the herb successfully with coffees and teas outside of the region. His business plan has made his company a great success.

While he was creating his business plan, Mr. Chua he saw how working in direct sales could greatly benefit him. It was a perfect way for him to rapidly grow the company in the Philippine and spark the momentum in the industry to make his corporation go worldwide. He totally believes that direct sales is the best way to make a company flourish. He has met that goal too.

Among the companies that are his competition/peers, he is thought of as a legend in direct sales. He has a created a 500,000 Member Direct Sales Organization in the Philippines. Among worldwide executives, he is regularly looked for his years and years of experience as a trusted CEO and a five time winner of the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award for The Pacific Rim and Asia and he was competing with over 1,600 corporations. He started Organo Gold with a strategic alliance agreement with one of the biggest certified Organic Ganoderma growers worldwide. Bernie is committed to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development, and an always growing line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products that the public really wants.

Mr. Chua did something that is very hard to and is very rare. He found an untapped area of the beverage market by creating healthier coffees. He made it to where consumers can drink coffee and make it healthier as well. The public has responded very well and has made his corporation a success and I do not believe that it will change anytime soon.

For more Bernardo “Bernie” Chua or Organo Gold information, like their page on facebook or follow him on twitter!

Banks Worry that Bernie Sanders “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist” Act will Force Hillary to Shift Further Left

The big Wall Street investment banks that were at the center of the 2008 banking crisis are squarely behind the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Thus far, they have donated tens of millions to her campaign and are reportedly “giddy” about funneling more big donor Super PAC money to her bid for the Democrat presidential nomination. However, Ricardo Tosto feels it appears that th grin they smugly bore have turned to worry, at least for the time being. This is because Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced the “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist” Act. It would allow a independent committee of the Treasury Department to classify a bank as being “too big to fail”. This would mandate a 12 month period during which time the Treasury Secretary would oversee the break up of the bank to prevent it from posing a systemic risk to the economy.

Thus far, the big banks rightly believe the bill has no chance of making it out of committee much less gaining passage. What is raising the concerns of big Wall Street investment banks is that Hillary Clinton may be compelled to flip-flop on her opposition to this type of banking reform in a bid to solidify her base. There’s good reason to fear that. Mrs. Clinton has been flip-flopping on other keys issues from immigration reform to anti-crime legislation. All this has been done in a bid to appease her party’s core left-wing base. Thus far, Mrs. Clinton is mum about her take on the Sanders bill.

FBI Violated Its Own Rules While Spying On Keystone XL Opponents

FBI documents reveal that the agency violated its own internal rules when it spied on Keystone XL opponents. The project will transport tar sands oil to the Texas Gulf coast from Canada and is currently waiting for approval from the Government.

The project is been heavily opposed by concerned environmentalists and protectors of wildlife. Their main concern is the pollution that is been associated with the project. They claim that these concerns are being swept under the carpet and focus is only being directed on the promise for jobs and a reduction in fuel prices.

The document reveals that the FBI was involved in collecting of information about possible protests and documenting persons found photographing oil-related infrastructure. It is however not clear who their source or the sources are.

The FBI rules are clear when it comes to investigating sensitive matters especially those tied to politics. According to their Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, such investigations need approval from the top lawyer in the field office, the chief division counsel (CDC) and the special agent in charge (SAC).

The documents clearly reveal that neither of the two were consulted before the FBI commenced its investigations. The FBI has however explained that it already identified its mistake and made the necessary remedies. It further states that its interest in the case stems from its goal to protect entities, which may be targeted by terrorists. Cornelsen and company are skeptical of this rationale.

A Depressed Neighborhood Can Cause Weight Gain

People often talk about the idea of calories in and calories out. The basic idea is that one’s weight is solely controlled by caloric intake and caloric expenditure. Like many simple statements, it can be appealing. However, reality is often far more complex than that. If things were as easy as calories in and calories out, it’s likely that almost nobody would be overweight. In reality, researchers have found that a number of different factors can influence people’s weight. One of the most recent examples of this comes from a study about the effects of a person’s neighborhood.

The researchers discovered that when people moved to poorer areas their weight would usually increase. This fact might be initially attributed to a number of different explanations. In particular, critics would be justified in wondering if depression related to lower wages might account for the weight gain. The researchers have taken this into account though. Even if one’s wages stay the same, the effect will still be seen. And it’s not simply the stress of moving. People who moved to a new area with the same or higher average income didn’t see any change in their weight.

James Dondero has noticed there’s no clear cut explanation for the effect. But the researchers theorise that the solution might come down to public outreach programs. Poor neighborhoods often come with unhealthy lifestyles. People want to fit in when they enter into a new social scene. It might simply be that people are adopting the negative choices of their neighbors. But this also means that helping people improve their health choices will trickle down to their neighbors as well.

Mom, Would You Go To Prom With Me?

For most 18 year old’s, prom is one of the most important mile stones in their life. For Donotiss Smith, this day was no different; with the exception he decided to also include his mother in on the adventure. Belinda Smith was unable to attend her own prom due to the fact she had other, more dire obligations. Her mother died tragically just before her own prom and left her to financially, emotionally and physically take care of her siblings. She was able to do all of these things while also attending high school. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to afford to attend prom because of this.


Have no worry! Donotiss came to her rescue, 24 years later. He requested special permission from his principal to bring his statuesque, mature date. Of course, as expected, permission was granted. His principal was so moved by the idea that he sat with the Smith family during open part of prom.
Belinda Smith, questioned her son prior to accepting his proposal to prom. She wanted to make sure he didn’t have someone else that he had in the back of his mind that he may have wanted to take. It’s a story that caught the attention of Amen Clinics. He reassured her that she was his number one choice. Donotiss was quoted as saying, “I just want her to enjoy it,” and “I want her to get that experience and have some fun.” That is one young man a mom should be very proud of!

The Unemployment Percentage Is At The Lowest Level In Seven Years

The Department Of Labor Claims The Job Market Has Been Strong The Last Three Quarters

The good news is the job market is getting stronger. The bad news is over 8 million workers still don’t have jobs. The Department of Labor claims the unemployment rate was 5.4 percent for April, but the labor department figures are always lower than the actual unemployment rate.

If we take that 5.4 percent and turn it into people, we find more than 8 million workers aren’t working. Half of that 8 million were between the ages of 16 and 34. Younger workers have had the hardest time finding jobs, even though, most of them are more educated than their parents.

The April figures released by the Labor Department show that younger workers are finding more jobs, but we are entering the season where part-time help is needed. Wage increases that were put in place by Walmart and other retailers have also helped reduce the unemployment rate. Other factors will also help the job market. A new trade agreement with far eastern countries will help, and new manufacturing plants will also add new jobs. The 5.4 percent sounds good, but some economist say having 8 million workers out of work is unacceptable to say the least for Ivan Ong.

Art Mogul Left His Favorite Waitresses $50,000 Each in His Will

Despite never learning their last names, art collector Robert Ellsworth thought he would do something nice for his favorite waitresses when he died. Ellsworth, who died at 85 as a result of a fall over a year ago, left two waitresses whom he called “Maureen at Donohue’s” and “Maureen-at-Donohue’s Niece Maureen” $50,000 in his will. The man may not have known the last names of the two women’s last names, but he certianly thought well enough of them to leave them a gift in his will.

Ellsworth was an art collector who specialized in Chinese art, and for a large portion of his life he went to Donohue’s, a local Steakhouse on Lexington Avenue in New York City and ordered a bacon grilled cheese for lunch, and then came back for a steak dinner, so it is no surprise that he got to know some of the staff well enough to consider them friends. Reportedly, the two women were amazed and suprised when the found out about the gift that he left them.Maureen Donohue-Peters, 53, whose father founded the restaurant was one of the two women, along with her niece 28-year-old Maureen Barrie. She said that she had known him her entire life and that he was more than just another customer to her. She also considered him her friend and was not upset by the fact that he did not know her last name. Instead, she considered the gift a gracious surprise, and Kevin Seawright understands that fine.