Albert Woodfox of Angola 3 Temporarily Blocked from Prison Release

Last week, Judge James Brady ruled that Albert Woodfox, dubbed the “Angola 3” prisoner should be released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, but today a federal appeals court blocked that decision.

Woodfox was found guilty of killing a prison guard in 1972, and has been in solitary confinement since. The two other prisoners convicted of the killing have already been released. He’s always maintained his innocence, and the previous two convictions were overturned.

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell feels Wilcox is exactly where he belongs, and has no intention of allowing Woodfox to get out that easily according to The Aspire New Brunswick.

68-year-old Woodfox is the only inmate in the country to have been in solitary confinement for so long. He suffers from a variety of health problems that the prison has never addressed, like hepatitis c and heart problems, which have worsened, in part to the solitary confinement .

The injunction blocking the release of Woodfox is temporary, and the court has until Friday to make another move.

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