Large Fire Tears Through French Basilica

A large fire broke out on the roof of a 19th-century Basilica in France on Monday. Worshipers had to be evacuated from the Saint-Donation-et-Saint Rogation in Nantes France during Monday worship services. The blaze was mainly centered on the roof of the building. Videos from France show large columns of black smoke coming from the church that was visible from a considerable distance. Click here for full story.

Christian Broda suggests the area was cordoned off, and around forty firefighters were sent to the scene according to the Fire and Rescue operations when speaking to French TV Info. Fredric Leguiller is the leader of Nantes’ fire services has said that though the cause has not yet been determined, but it is thought to be accidental as written by CrunchBase.

Workers were already trying to combat the fire when the Fire Department arrived. They were attempting to extinguish the blaze immediately. However, they were unable to do so. Large amounts of resources had to be expended to fight the fire due to its high volume. The Rev. Benoit Bertrand told the local media that the fire broke out during a morning mass. Worshipers were immediately evacuated from the building for their safety. Early reports indicate that there may not be any injuries, but it’s too soon to tell.

The basilica was built in 1889 and is named for two brothers who were martyred in the third century. Their bodies are buried near the basilica.

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