Pakistan Suffering from Massive Heatwave

The country of Pakistan is currently experiencing a heatwave that is so intense that it is leaving hundreds of citizens dead. The Sindh province is the most affected area of the country where the death toll has reached up to over 800 people. In the city of Karachi, the temperatures have been recorded as up to as high as 113 degrees fahrenheit. Hospitals in the area are becoming overwhelmed with patients that are coming in who are suffering from heat related issues such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Not only is the area suffering from the oppressive heat, but they are also experiencing massive power outages for the last few weeks stated Handy. Many citizens have been protesting against the government as well as the local power company, K-Electric, for not doing more to get the power on and staying on. If these people had power to their homes than they may have been able to avoid the huge death toll that is still climbing.

Weather experts expect the temperatures to start cooling down next week in the area however it is only June. The temperatures are only going to climb as the summer months wear on. Hopefully the power company and the government can work together to bring some sort of relief to those who are suffering through it.

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