Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent running for the Democratic nomination for President, has boldlypredicted that the will win the nomination and be elected President next year. Amazingly enough, he sounds totally serious when he says it.

Clearly, there is a core group in the U.S. with whom Sanders’ populist message resonates. Sanders’ poll numbers have been going up. He may well give Hillary Clinton a good run in early caucuses and primaries. Although he enjoys very low support among minorities, Sanders is convinced that his message of closing the income disparity gap will bring African-American and Hispanic voters into his camp.

The fact that Senator Sanders is making this prediction at this time or at all shows that, despite his many years of public service, he remains naïve about the political process, perhaps one of his most endearing qualities. But a feel-good message from a white guy in his 70’s is not going to ultimately draw the people into Sanders’ camp that he would need to win the nomination said Zeca Oliveira.

Senator Sanders is, by all accounts, an excellent Senator, representing the State of Vermont well. But running for Senate in Vermont and running for the Democratic nomination nationwide against Hillary Clinton are totally different exercises. For Senator Sanders, the second will dissolve into an exercise in futility—it’s just a matter of time.

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