The European Union Threatens To Expel Greece Over Austerity Measures

Thousands of Greek citizens gathered outside of the countries parliament on Monday night to march against a Yes vote on new austerity measures. Those gathered included government ministers. The measures are part of a plan in which the European Union (EU) would lend the Greek government the money to pay off current debts if they accept the new austerity measures.

Brad Reifler said that the Greek people claim that they have been victims of austerity measures for the past five years. They point out they have lost homes and jobs while suicides are up. They fear these new rules will make the problem even worse. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called for a no vote. Many of the protesters were supporters of the far-left Syzria ruling party. They give differing opinions on why they want a no vote, but all seem to be against austerity measures being inflicted by outside groups.Click here for more information.

The EU is being portrayed as a heartless bureaucracy that is unconcerned about the difficulties of the average Greek citizen. For its part, the EU states that if the measures are not accepted they will be forced to remove Greece from its union. The effects of the plan are already being felt as ATMs ran out of money on Monday in a move by the government to stop people from removing money from the country.

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