BRL Trust Brazil’s Number One Investments Manager.

Brazil is a country with a large population of over 200 million people. A good number of these people are employed in the formal sector and others are in the informal sector. Brazil offers huge resources in terms of human capital and resource capital that can build great industries. It has an extensive agricultural sector and a considerably established manufacturing sector.
Over the years, much emphasis has been given by the government on the provision of capital and cheap loans to individuals or companies to facilitate expansion and improvement on how they do business. This has enabled several startups and companies diversifying their products and services. This has also been made a reality by the availability of ready markets provided by the huge population. The developed infrastructure and technological advancements have played a major role in making Brazil attractive for investments.
Several companies and institutions have been created to provide financial services and help investments. They have come up to subsidies what the government offers in terms of provision of capital and management services. A good example is the BRL Trust. This is a trust that is managed by individuals who have had great success in their careers going by the positions they have held in their previous jobs. Mr. Mauricio Ribeiro is responsible for developing the funds administration department at Pentagon SA DTVM where he was a shareholder. Mr. Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes has 15 years experience in financial markets having worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers. Mr. Rodrigo Cavacante has experience from the capital markets and is a banker by profession. The three are the current partners for BRL Trust which was started in the year 2005 and primarily focused on personal loans during its early years.
The company is involved in five major areas of business in Brazil: fund administration, fiduciary services, custody of funds, underwriting of assets and asset management. The company has both individual and institutional investors that form its solid customer base in both local and international markets. BRL Trust actually gained global attention in 2014. It has a strong mission of delivering on all the financial demands of its clients in an efficient and transparent way. One of the standout projects that BRL Trust has undertaken is the construction of the Corinthians Arena which hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup. Today, BRL Trust is number one in Brazil in the management of investment funds.
The economy of Brazil is vibrant. It provides numerous opportunities for investment for both local and international investors. It also has firms that are well positioned and equipped to manage all types of investments size notwithstanding.

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