Eucatex Is A Socio-Environmental Company

Eucatex, the Brazilian-based building material manufacturer, is no ordinary company. The 60-year-old eucalyptus tree saver and user is an international supplier that doesn’t ravage the forests of Brazil in order to get their raw materials. Thanks to President Flavio Maluf and his executive team, Eucatex earned the Green Seal from the Forest Stewardship Council. That award is only given to companies that manage and maintain a balance between usage and regrowth in Brazil. Maluf has made it his mission to keep Brazil green, and Eucatex has several initiatives in place to keep it that way.

One of those initiatives is the use of renewable energy throughout the company. The company tries to avoid using fossil fuel. Brazil has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but Eucatex chooses to generate energy in other ways to keep their four factories and their many offices functioning daily.

Another company initiative is taking environmental responsibility for their actions by not throwing waste residue in landfills. Eucatex has also formed partnerships with cooperatives and with APAE. APAE receives benefits based on the volume of waste residue collected. Recycling also plays an important role in the Eucatex environmental initiative. The company recycles old and new Pallets, pieces of wood from production runs and building material rubble.

For more than ten years, the company has been developing an Environmental Education Program. The program is called “House of Nature.” The program has received more than 22 thousand visitors. Program activities originate in a visiting center located at Fazenda Santa Terezinha, in São Paulo State. The program is part of a partnership that includes five Brazilian town halls in the state. Most of the visitors are students that are interested in conservation and the green initiative. Some of them eventually go to work for Eucatex.

Keeping the company green is not easy, especially when you employ more than 2,200 people in several different locations, but Maluf does a masterful job maintaining high environmental standards for all offices and factories.

Eric Puller: What You Did Not Know About Him

Eric Pulier is the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh. This man is regarded as one of the most influential people when matters related to coming up with technologies that help both governments and businesses are concerned. He has been part of the formation of very many companies that have been financed by venture capitalists all over the world. Pulier is also among the 30 e-Visionaries according to VAR Business. This man is also a very respected public at conferences about technology in all parts of the world.

Raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier, written about on Wikipedia, began interacting with computers at a very young age. In fourth grade, he was already programming computers. His thirst for technology oriented businesses pushed him to start a database company while in high school. In 1994, he joined Harvard University where he studied American and English literature. While in Harvard, he was involved in editorial work for the Harvard Crimson. While still at Harvard, he started classes at MIT where he graduated in 1998. Soon after moving to Los Angeles in 1991, he founded PDT (People Doing Things) which was a company seeking solutions for education, healthcare as well as other issues that could be solved using technology.

In 1994 while still at Harvard, he formed Digital Evolution, which was an interactive agency. In 1998, the company merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric was on the front line in building Starbright World, which was a private social network for children with chronic illnesses. The platform enabled them to chat, message one another and most importantly, get the chance to meet others sharing similar problems. This platform made a lot of significant difference which gained Puler a lot of recognition.

In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee selected him to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was held in Washington. After a successful exhibition, he was again chosen to participate in the Vice President’s technology and healthcare forum. Puller also supports the Clinton Global Initiative as well as other many similar initiatives.

When matters philanthropy are concerned, Puller is always on the front line. He is a Board member of the X-Prize Foundation, which organizes competitions that are aimed at coming up with solutions to solve significant human problems. He is mainly very philanthropic on all causes associated with children. This entrepreneur has also co-written a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. This man is a perfect example of how working hard and smart can make anyone successful.

Through his track record, he has clearly demonstrated that it is indeed possible to attain the highest levels of success by doing what one is very passionate about. Every dream is a big dream until one decides not to make it so.

BRL Trust Brazil’s Number One Investments Manager.

Brazil is a country with a large population of over 200 million people. A good number of these people are employed in the formal sector and others are in the informal sector. Brazil offers huge resources in terms of human capital and resource capital that can build great industries. It has an extensive agricultural sector and a considerably established manufacturing sector.
Over the years, much emphasis has been given by the government on the provision of capital and cheap loans to individuals or companies to facilitate expansion and improvement on how they do business. This has enabled several startups and companies diversifying their products and services. This has also been made a reality by the availability of ready markets provided by the huge population. The developed infrastructure and technological advancements have played a major role in making Brazil attractive for investments.
Several companies and institutions have been created to provide financial services and help investments. They have come up to subsidies what the government offers in terms of provision of capital and management services. A good example is the BRL Trust. This is a trust that is managed by individuals who have had great success in their careers going by the positions they have held in their previous jobs. Mr. Mauricio Ribeiro is responsible for developing the funds administration department at Pentagon SA DTVM where he was a shareholder. Mr. Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes has 15 years experience in financial markets having worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers. Mr. Rodrigo Cavacante has experience from the capital markets and is a banker by profession. The three are the current partners for BRL Trust which was started in the year 2005 and primarily focused on personal loans during its early years.
The company is involved in five major areas of business in Brazil: fund administration, fiduciary services, custody of funds, underwriting of assets and asset management. The company has both individual and institutional investors that form its solid customer base in both local and international markets. BRL Trust actually gained global attention in 2014. It has a strong mission of delivering on all the financial demands of its clients in an efficient and transparent way. One of the standout projects that BRL Trust has undertaken is the construction of the Corinthians Arena which hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup. Today, BRL Trust is number one in Brazil in the management of investment funds.
The economy of Brazil is vibrant. It provides numerous opportunities for investment for both local and international investors. It also has firms that are well positioned and equipped to manage all types of investments size notwithstanding.