Vijay Eswaran Merged The Direct Selling Business With The Internet And A Multimillion Dollar Conglomerate Was Born

The QI Group may not be a household name in the United States, but this multimillion dollar conglomerate is one of the top companies in Asia. Founded by Vijay Eswaran, the best-selling author, accomplished motivational speaker philanthropist and savvy businessman, the QI Group has merged traditional direct sales models with the Internet. The result of this merger is not only a successful multilevel company but also a university in Malaysia. Eswaran is not just a businessman with a degree from the London School of Economics; he is also a philanthropist. Eswaran has established two Foundations that focus on women empowerment, education and youth development. Vijay was named a Hero of Philanthropy in 2011 by Forbes Asia.

Eswaran’s list of awards is an impressive one, but his business accomplishments are just as impressive. The Co-founder of the QI Group started his career with IBM and worked with similar tech businesses in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Eswaran like to give motivational speeches that include business topics as well as spiritual insight. He is the author of four books. His books are Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and On the Wings of Thought. Eswaran also writes a newspaper column in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

The QI Group, which was co-founded by Dr. Eswaran in 1998, has diversified business interests. Those interests include direct sales and retail, telecommunications, luxury lifestyle trends, and leisure activities, as well as education, collectibles, property development, training, logistics and conference management.

The company QNET is another one of Eswaran accomplishments. He is responsible for establishing the RYTHM Foundation, which is one of the main ingredients in the success of QNET in Asia. RHYTHM is an acronym for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. QNET helps people start their own business with a minimal amount of overhead.

Super Lawyer Law Firm Member Dan Newlin

There is a distinction that very few Florida law firms receive, and another group has been awarded this prestigious honor. The honorable and distinct recognition of Super Lawyer Law Firm was recently awarded to the Law Office of Dan Newlin. In all the years since this award has been given, less than 5% of all the Florida lawyers have been worthy enough to receive this honor.

You have to go back many years to see how law enforcement molded Dan Newlin into the attorney that he is today. When he was just 20 years of age, he started his career in law enforcement for the New Chicago Fire and Police Department. Years after that run, Dan Newlin accepted a position that moved him to the Orange County Sheriff Department. Now that he was in the Orlando Florida area, Mr. Newlin worked 10 hard years and earned himself the high ranking Sheriff Detective position.

In the police department, Dan Newlin worked several areas of police detail. These job duties included auto theft to narcotics, and was also assigned to a detective in the fugitive division. In the fugitive department, Dan Newlin apprehended hundreds of deadly and dangerous fugitives and got them off the streets. As a fugitive detective, Dan Newlin had received many awards for duty above and beyond the call of duty. He was later recognized by the U.S. Marshalls Office for outstanding services.

In 1997, Dan Newlin turned his attention to law and was accepted to the Florida State College of law, graduating in 2000. Now attorney Dan Newlin is licensed to be able to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois. These two locations are where Dan Newlin currently maintains offices and where he offers his expertise to residents needing his legal services.

Fast forward to today, Dan Newlin the attorney has helped victims to recover over 150 million dollars. His small office with one secretary has expanded to Illinois and Florida, helping people get exceptional service they need with the help of 18 lawyers in his offices. The team that Dan Newlin has surrounded himself with range from former State Prosecutors to 30 year Board Certified trial attorneys. His 75 employees are all committed to making sure every person gets the help they need in a variety of different style cases.

Regardless the reason for your visit to his office, attorney Dan Newlin now specializes in auto accidents, family law, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and any case where the victim is having difficulties getting the insurance company to pay the appropriate settlement. Dan Newlin and his team members all pride themselves on providing each customer first class service for as long as they need his talents and expertise.

Keeping Your Personal Finances In Check

Are you having a hard time keeping all of your finances in check? If you’re a recent graduate, you may be faced with multiple student loans on top of all of your other bills. Gone are the days where you get a paper bank statement mailed to you that you balance to your checkbook. Since everything is online these days, it’s easy to instantly check the balance of your checking account to see if you have enough to purchase that fancy TV. While this may seem great at the time, not planning your finances accordingly may leave you living paycheck to paycheck and never really getting ahead.

With the help of the internet and programs such as Microsoft Excel, it can be really easy to set up a report that gives you a running total of your current debt against your current income. You can set this up according to how you currently get paid. Then, you can project those numbers to keep going to a future date. This will allow you to see at a glance when you will go into the red if nothing else changes: if you don’t either cut down on expenses or increase income.

If creating your own spreadsheet seems daunting, financial expert Igor Cornelsen suggests some websites that will do this work for you. Some offer free or paid services depending on how in depth you want it to be, but they will help in showing you your net worth. These sites are also useful as they allow you to set budgets for different expenses, such as groceries, and you will get email notifications if you go over budget for the month.

Knowing this information allows you to figure out how you want to approach spending. You could cut back on expenses by eliminating the things you don’t really need such as impulse items. Also look at those little frequent costs that may not seem so bad at the time, but add up over the months. Those morning runs to Dunkin Donuts will add up if you make it a daily expense. Don’t want to cut that out of your budget? Try looking on the internet for ways to make extra cash that you can use for spending money.

Keeping a tab on your finances will allow you to plan ahead. If you’re able to either cut costs or increase income, you can put more money towards a bill to pay it off. Once paid off, take that money and put it toward another bill. Create a snowball effect and before you know you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Brazil’s Colorful Investment Possibilities

Brazil comprises a solid economy that has not experienced a reduction in its growth. With its abundant investment environment and rock solid financial market, the prospect of Brazil developing into a leader in the emerging markets may be in the not too distant future. Investors like Zeca Oliveira know that just as there are an immense number of places to visit in the beautiful country itself, there are many positive areas that make Brazil exceptional for market growth!

Known for its incredible waterfalls, jungles and Carnival, Brazil offers the 10th biggest country globally according to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which measures its economic development or the services and good that are produced annually by a country. Oil is a vital aspect of the vibrant Brazil’s economy and it is among the few countries throughout the world that is independent when it comes to this valuable liquid. The country’s economy (as a whole) increased in the past few years to more than 5%, while its domestic production such as sugar and coffee has seen growth reaching beyond 45%. Direct foreign investments, plus their soybean (which may exceed the U.S. production) and orange juice production has been a major achiever of their economic growth recently.

Being self-regulating in oil as made it an essential to their growing economy, particularly with the new findings of oil off of Brazil’s coast which could cause it to take on a major role in the world of oil production and acquisition. Upon discovering the Tupi field, it was unearthed that it houses over 8 billion barrels of oil reserves. The detection of the Carioca-Sugar Load also could see oil barrels as big as 33 billion, according to Brazil’s federal governmental run National Petroleum Agency.

Possessing the title as Latin America’s “largest economic power,” Brazil also takes the cake when it comes to energy sources that are alternative. The brilliant country is responsible for an enormous amount of ethanol (more than Europe and Asia’s production combined) so it has unlimited possibilities in the global investment world. Considering the world of blending, colorful cultures and unseen possibilities, Zeca Oliveira urges you to remember that it can never be too late for one to try something new like investing in Brazil and all it has to offer!

North American Spine Expansion Plans

North American spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure. Today, it announced they will add at least 4,000 square feet of working space to their headquarters for cater for the rapid growth being experienced and give room for any plans of expansion in the future. This project took approximately to come to a success. The increased capacity is now enough to accommodate Patient coordinators, account managers, financial advisors and computer programmers in their original space. This comes as the third expansion to their space in order to be able to serve as many people as possible.

The Vice President of operations categorically stated that patient care is usually their biggest priority. With this in mind, it is the reason why they have been on an expansion spree in order to increase the number of staff. The improvement they have experienced is as a result of the hard work and commitment of their staff. The Director of Public Relations said that it also means that more members of the public are putting their faith and trust in them for treatment.

The AccuraScope procedure is done by their spine doctors in Dallas. The procedure takes approximately forty five minutes to be completed. The procedure is used to treat chronic neck and back pain. Doctors use a tiny laser that works only on the tissue it comes into contact with. Doctors advice this procedure for people with tissue problems and not bones. Over 8,000 procedures have been performed by certified physicians with an 82% chance of success. The procedure saves patients about $24,000 and five years of in and out patient visits to the hospital. Patients are reported to feel no pain after the procedure. In fact, they even go home immediately after the procedure and can resume work in a week’s time.

The North American Spine expansion plans are meant to ensure that they can accommodate more members of staff so they can offer better and faster services to the people. They are also meant to increase people’s confidence levels in the AccuraScope Procedure which is safe and brings successful results.

Houston’s Luxurious Real Estate Recovery

Trend watchers in the Houston real estate scene have seen the market in this glittering urban hub weather the extreme ups and downs of the post-recession economy, and there’s always been a sense of relief in the way this city has managed to stay strong despite ongoing economic challenges. More recently, however, there is a sense that the Houston market is facing uncertainty, with some homeowners feeling a need to hold their breath as industries in the area face layoffs and other signs of a potential downturn. Add to all of that the upcoming presidential elections, which also adds to uncertainty, and there’s a recipe for potentially shaky times ahead.

The Houston Chronicle has featured stories in recent weeks stating that homeowners are facing unknowns in the real estate market as they put homes up for sale. Many couples state that a slowdown in the market is obvious, as homes don’t move as quickly as they once did. The reality these days is that homeowners often must lower prices to see movement in a potential sale. Along with all of this, there is a feeling of great relief when a sale does come through. These are the realities of life after a downturn, but the amazing thing is how well Houston has weathered the economic storms of the post meltdown era thus far.

In the midst of feelings of uncertainty, there are definite success stories that defy the logic and realities of the times. The Highland Village retail center in Houston, which boasts property magnate Haidar Barbouti as leasing manager, has seen an upward trend in its leasing rates, with nary a downturn. The center was first built back in the 1940’s, but has been managed by Barbouti since back in 1990. The center has a glamorous setting, and boasts the only Apple Store in the Houston area. Add to all that the upscale Up restaurant that was also launched by Barbouti, and that’s a success story that Houston can really boast about.

Shaky economic times? If one thing is certain in these uncertain times, it’s that Houston’s real estate market will bounce back, just as it always has.

The Financial Losses of Many and How Mikal Watts is Responding

There has been a recent press coverage of Mikal Watts, a strong leader in the fight to eliminate genetically modified goods. As a partner with the San Antonio Watts Guerra, Watts is encouraging farmers to sue Syngenta for producing a genetically modified version of corn. Syngenta is a Swiss seed producer that plays a major role in crop production.

It has been reported that around 20% of corn that is produced by the United States is exported to other countries. One Swiss-based company, however, sold GMO corn which lead to China altogether rejecting the shipment of corn. As a result, the U.S. corn industry suffered billions of dollars in losses due to the rejection from China.

Syngenta, though counting for only 3% of American grown corn,was mixed in with the unmodified corn produced by other farmers. This in turn lead to China refusing millions of bushels of North American corn that were, for the most part, grown without any additional modifications.

As a result of this mistake, attorney, Mikal Watts, has vowed to sue this company for losing billions of dollars. Watts, as reported by PR Newswire as having earned his undergraduate degree and Law degree, has had a long and successful career as an attorney. By 1997, Watts had started his own firm which has now joined forces with Francisco Guerra IV to create a firm that specializes in personal injury, product liability, and many other cases.

This agricultural lawsuit is not the first that this law firm has participated in. The firm’s current plan is to join forces with those that have suffered financially due to Syngenta. There at least 20 states that are currently filing lawsuits due to the mistake of Syngenta. With billions of dollars to recover for compensating families that have lost payment, the Watts and Guerra law firm is excited to progress in this endeavor.

IRA as an Early Investment

The most opportune time to engage in investing in an IRA is when a person is young. Opportunities are prevalent at this age to invest safely for a brighter future and successful retirement. This investing should be done as soon as the young person has obtained gainful employment after becoming educated. Even within this relatively safe investment option, there are strategic decisions that have to be made based on their particular circumstances and goals. IRA is an acronym for Individual Retirement Accounts, and there is a Traditional IRA designation and a somewhat different Roth IRA. The various benefits that these investment accounts have depends on in some part what is invested in the account and the account in which it is invested.

An IRA is actually a place to put investment products that are normally taxable to gain the benefit of their newly appointed non-taxable designation. These investments include mutual funds, bonds and even CDs which is an acronym for certificates of deposit. The traditional form of an individual retirement account or IRA allows an investor to deduct the amount in which they are normally taxed. This amount is called the investor’s contribution. If a person also has a 401k or if they earn a high income, their contribution may not be able to be deducted. Specifics can be found at several government Websites that are dedicated to informing individuals of their investing options.

However, this tax burden is only alleviated until the person begins withdrawing from the account at the set age of 59.5. When withdrawals begin, they are taxed. This includes the investor’s original contribution combined with any accrued interest. It also includes capital gains and dividends. These items are taxed at the same rate that regular income is taxed. If money is withdrawn before the age of 59.5, these taxes will be levied with an additional 10 percent penalty. This penalty can be waived if certain specific conditions can be met. Some of the qualifying conditions include the purchase of a first home, and some medical and collegiate expenses.

With a Roth IRA, the investor receives no tax break. This means that they will not gain any immediate tax relief. However, when the money is withdrawn, it will be non-taxable but with some requirements. The investment can also be withdrawn in whole or in part without the 10 percent penalty at any time. This alleviates the threat of having money that is untouchable unless under severe penalty for many decades. Young investors do not like this stipulation of the Traditional IRA. The Roth allows them the benefit of the traditional IRA without this significant barrier for those people that can foresee some situation that they may need only some of the invested amount before they reach the 59.5 age threshold.

For more information on IRA and investment tips, be sure to check out the words and advice of industry expert Igor Cornelsen of Brazil. You never know when early investing could be right for you!

Andy Wirth’s Shocking Skydiving Accident & Amazing Recovery

Skydiving is dangerous, but for some it’s one of the greatest things in the world. Andy Wirth, CEO of Quaw Valley Ski Holdings, is a regular skydiver who has plenty of experience under his belt. In the Spring of 2011, Andy was certified for jumping and for the next two years he would enjoy his hobby without incident.

According to local paper Unofficial Alpine, that all changed on October 12th, 2013. Being flown a little too far from the drop zone, Andy found himself in a tricky situation. He had two landing options, either a vineyard or some power poles. A few bad things happened. Andy pulled his canopy a little late, at 2,500 feet instead of at 4,000 feet. Right as he pulled it, he was caught in a bit of crosswind that knocked him right into a pole. The pole took his right arm completely off, leaving him bleeding out from his brachial artery. Within just a small amount of time, he had lost a substantial amount of blood and was caught in wires and vines. A fellow diver, Amanda, heard him and got to him within 15 minutes of landing and an ambulance got there just 20 minutes later. He survived the incident and is back at work today.

Andy hasn’t let the accident ruin his life, and in fact it may have even been part of his motivation to continue on to enjoy it. Meeting a couple Navy Seals that Andy quickly befriended, he’s gotten into biking and hiking and has managed to raise more than $40,000 for the Navy Seal Foundation. Although Andy doesn’t skydive anymore, he does miss it an his wife supports him if he ever wants to return to the sport. In the meantime, Andy is enjoying life with his new friends and is staying active and healthy among great people.

Andy Wirth appeared on the CBS hit show “Undercover Boss” a few years ago. His latest project is a gondola that will connect Squaw Valley to neighboring resort Alpine Meadows. We’re excited to see what comes next from Andy Wirth.

The New Developing World

Often enough travelers avoid India for the statement of getting “Delhi Belly”. India is known for not having the most sanitary accommodation for the locals as well as the visitors of this great and old country. However, withing the last few years, India has been making progress in the areas involving defecation. India has been reported to have reduced the open defecation rates.

A new study has also shown the the quality of the drinking water has improved slightly with the rates, as Daniel Amen would put it, reduced. It has been studied that about 946 million people defecate in the open because of the lack of sanitary places to do the business. It has also been reported that 1 in 3 people or 2.4 billion people live without sanitation facilities or clean drinking water.

With that said, it has also been reported that India, among 16 other countries, have made a progressive change to decreasing the rate of open defecation. Although this is great progress, this is only labeled as “moderate” because of the high amount of poverty in India. The impoverished people in India still live without any sanitary facilities and therefor defecate in the open. Some good news is that at least 94 percent of India now has access to clean drinking water. However with this new success there needs to be a change in education. The people must realize that sanitation is the key to eliminate disease and poverty.