Flavio Maluf’s Pioneering Spirit Made A Difference In One Brazilian Company

Pioneers come in all shapes and sizes. They come from different cultures, and races. They may be formally educated, or they may be self-taught. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the building supply company Eucatex, is one of those innovative pioneers. Maluf was hired by Eucatex in 1987, and he quickly rose through the ranks. Ten years later he was named CEO of the company. The executives of Eucatex knew they were working for a visionary, so they followed his lead and the company grew from a one-product company to a multi-faceted building supply company. Today, Eucatex does business with countries around the world. Maluf turned the company into a leading supplier of MDF panels, ceiling tiles, furniture, paint and varnishes in less than 30 years. Some people ask why Maluf was able to transform the Salto based company into an international conglomerate, and the answer is a simple one. Flavio Maluf is an creative entrepreneur that respects his employees, his country and the environment.

Maluf continues to use eucalyptus trees as the material source for some of the company’s products, and that decision has turned out to be an important one. Maluf was able to use eucalyptus as a raw material as well as an environmental platform. Flavio understands the importance of giving back. Maluf is a dedicated proponent of recycling, renewable energy and the green initiative in Brazil and around the world. Maluf has been repeatedly recognized for his charitable contributions.

Eucatex would not be the international company it is today without Flavio Maluf. The 2,300 Eucatex employees work for him because he cares about them and the world they work and live in. Maluf continues to expand Eucatex brands around the world, and at the same time he is spreading his environmental principles around the globe. Maluf may be Brazilian, but he believes the world is connected not only through business transactions, but also through the appreciation of natural resources and environmental causes.

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