Exis founder Adam Sender isn’t shy about having one of the world’s greatest art collections

If you’re familiar with art collectors, then you’ve probably heard of Adam Sender. Adam Sender has built a massive collection of contemporary art over the years that most should be jealous of. However, unlike many art collectors, he isn’t too greedy to keep his collection private.

Adam Sender has been active in sharing his collection with the world including his “Home Alone” exhibition in December of 2011. If that’s not generous enough for you, how about the fact that he held this event in his own private residence in Miami. To show creativity and a unique experience, Sender filled his home with so much Art that it created a “fictional scenario” in which his collection had grown so big that he and his family had to move out of the house.

No stranger to investments, Adam Sender founded his own hedge fund in 1998 after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Degree in History and working for SAC Capitol Advisor’s LP. He also practices Ashtanga yoga in his spare time.

Around the same time he founded Exis Capital Management Inc., Adam Sender started investing in contemporary art with the help of Todd Levin. He has since put together a collection of about 800 works by 139 artists. It is spread throughout his many homes and offices in Manhattan, Sag Harbor, New York, and Miami.

Among his works, Adam Sender has amassed collections of works by artists like Charles Ray, Dan Flavin, Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelley, Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, and many more. His collection is believed to be worth more than 100 million. Not bad for a part time hobby don’t you think?

When he started out, Sender never imagined his collection would grow into such an extraordinary valuable masterpiece in itself. It just started out as a passionate hobby and grew tremendously from there. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

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